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We have been using Startlogic.com webhosting for over 10 years now.  (Read the story here of our journey to finding the right webhost).  We think Startlogic.com stands above the rest.  If you’re looking for an excellent webhost, check out the list of top 5 reasons we choose Startlogic.com for webhosting now! For us, we use and have seen great success with the Pro version ($72 per year).


WordpressWordPress Friendly

There is an entire system within Startlogic which allows your to organize and handle scripts, themes, plugins, and professional services.  You can easily get into the system, add WordPress and be on your way to using one of the most popular website management systems.


sitebackupSite Backups and Restore

This may be a bit boring one, but after this story, you will know how great this “boring” feature.  One time while making some changes to a website which was built from the ground up, a new plugin was tried.  The plugin along with some ill advised coding changes caused a number of errors to occur across the site.  It took many hours of coding time and rebuilds to get the site back to where it was before the errors.  That is how we ended up finding about “Site Backups and Restore.”  With this service, any mistakes that happen, you can easily go to the most recent version without those errors or changes.  You’re welcome!



emailiconEmail management

Startlogic allows unlimited emails to be created with your domain.  A number of other web hosts will limit the number of emails you can have.  Believe me, when you bring people on your team, they can now seem much more professional with a company emails.





Want to get your feet wet with e-commerce ?  Startlogic can do that too!  You can choose from two different platforms for a drag and drop system to get started with e-commerce for your business.




customerserviceAwesome Customer Service

We’re serious.  Startlogic offers an online chat system which they have offered from the start when we signed up 10 years ago.  They have a team of representatives ready to answer your questions.  They want to help and if they can’t, they will get back to you within 24 hours after talking to the technical staff.



Could we have written a list of 10?  Yes and more!  If you want to check out Startlogic Webhosting, go right off to Startlogic.com.