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Social Media News! New Instagram Feature for Businesses

Social Media News! New Instagram Feature for Businesses

If you’re in business and you use social media, you know the importance of scheduling posts out for the week and month. It helps to organize the messaging for a brand.

Instagram has been late to the game in offering a scheduling assistant for Instagram. The only way businesses could try to “schedule” posts was through a third party which provided push notification reminders to post on Instagram via smartphones and tablets.

That is changing now. The scheduler won’t be in Instagram directly. Instead it is through an API which will work with major third party applications like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and SocialFlow.

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and SocialFlow allow businesses to organize posts through their systems and you can then schedule you posts to go directly on Instagram.

Representatives from Instagram say this program will work for Facebook’s Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners.

The CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes said, “The scheduling and publishing of Instagram content has been the number one request for our 16 million customers.” “Now they can manager large volumes of content, multiple team members and multiple Instagram accounts with ease and security. Hootsuite is excited to partner and Instagram to make this happen.”

Will this be offered for individuals?
Yes! Expect a schedule for Instagram for individuals in 2019.

Digital News Alert: Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program

Digital News Alert: Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program

With the incredible growth of the gaming industry and the huge propensity of teens, twenty-somethings, and millennials to watch live video game events, more are figuring out they want a piece of the pie.

There is a site called which is all about live streaming video games. There are audiences watching these games on Twitch which is a social media platform.

Facebook Creator Pilot Program

While Twitch has been growing over the past 5 or 6 years, few others have really jumped on the bandwagon. YouTube took part, but other major social media platforms did not take it very seriously.

That is changing now.

Facebook who is seeing a lift in their newest video sector, is going to bring forth the Gaming Creator Pilot Program in a deal with ESL.

The Gaming Creator Program will:
improve discoverability
incorporate presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus
Offer tools that streamers need to make a living streaming games on Facebook

Facebook wants to enable direct payment to streamers.

The gamers on Facebook’s platforms will be able to lifestream via 1080p/60fps and will work alongside the Facebook streaming team.

The debut of the program on Facebook didn’t go quite smoothly as there were technical issues. However, the reach Facebook can offer is much more than Twitch can do.

It will help ESL by bringing greater exposure to eSports.

What this Means for Businesses:

If you are targeting gamers and those in this age range, you will have a bigger audience to market to and connect with via the powerhouse of Facebook.

Now you will have more opportunities outside of advertising on Twitch or YouTube.  Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus will be part of the group.

Livestreaming is soaring right now and in the gaming arena it is a global adaptation. The combination of the power of live streaming with the tremendous community of gamers on Facebook, you can expect fireworks.

How to Find Legitimate Social Media Influencers

How to Find Legitimate Social Media Influencers

As the term has been thrown about more and more, we are sure you’ve heard of “Influencer Marketing.”  If not, here’s a quick 411:

Influencer marketing refers to individuals who have a strong community of followers (social media communities including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc) who are engaged with the influencer by commenting, joining an email list, and following the advice of these individuals.

Ok, now that you’re caught up a bit, let’s jump into the newest stat that came out.

Influencer marketers centralize upon one age range with 75% of influencers being between 18 – 34 years of age.

With this fact intact, this mostly means those in and around that age (although there are exceptions) are listening and consuming the messaging of the influencers in that age category.  (Probably somewhere from 14 – 40 years old)

How to know if an influencer is a good one:

There are many Instagram accounts out there with high numbers of followers.  This may seem like the perfect influencer for your product.  However there are some important steps you should follow to be sure you are connecting with the right influencer.

  1.  Look at the most recent posts.  How long ago were they posted?
    1. An active Instagram should be posting at least every day or every other day.  If the most recent post was more than one week ago, then check the frequency of posts.  If the most recent was 1 week ago but then from there the posts were coming everyday, it could be there is some reason for the lapse but it will go back to normal shortly.
    2. If the Instagram posts are erratic, once every other week or a longer time in between posts, then skip this one.
  2. Start looking at recent posts.  How many likes do they have?
  3. How many comments do the recent posts have?

The likes and comments on posts on an Instagram profile should be pretty consistent and a strong percentage of the number of followers an account has, somewhere between 5 – 10% of the number of followers.

The above three steps will definitely help in deciding on influencers.

You can repeat the above steps on other social platforms for influencers.


Bernie Williams Performs at the NAMM Foundation LIVE

Bernie Williams Performs at the NAMM Foundation LIVE

Bernie Williams, Yankees Great and holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in the Performance Arts from the Manhattan School of Music, a prestigious music school in New York, made his way out to the big NAMM fest in California.

About 2 years ago, Bernie set out to achieve a goal he promised himself and his parents he would complete.  That was to get his degree from a higher education institution.

Bernie did just that as he expanded on his love for music and jazz performance.  It wasn’t easy and he had a lot of homework to keep up with.  In the end, it was all worth it.

Watch below as Bernie performs with his ensemble from the Manhattan School of Music, LIVE at the NAMM Show for 2018.

He will also be performing at The Carlyle, a well known music spot in Manhattan from March 6 – 10th, 2018.  Get your tickets while you still can.

Daily Digital Tip #29: The Secret Google Analytics Trick You Need

Google Analytics is an amazing tool filled with a great deal of data when it comes to website traffic.

As you begin becoming involved with digital marketing campaigns, the data will expand even further.

You need to be sure everything is organized if you want to know how particular marketing campaigns are truly performing.

Thankfully, there is a special trick you can use.

Let’s say you setup an ad campaign online to point to a product page on your store.  If you are marketing via Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, Twitter, etc, you will not be able to tell which method worked the best.

This can be chaotic!

So we have a special trick for you to use and it is free!

We discuss that free tool for Google Analytics in the video below!


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Social Commerce – The Connection Between Social Media and E-Commerce 2018

Social Commerce – The Connection Between Social Media and E-Commerce 2018

You’ve heard people look to reviews from peers and even strangers before purchasing a product or service. This is why social media is so important when it comes to shopping, online and offline.

Here’s just how important it can be and why your business should be utilizing social media.

According to

  • 87% of customers say that social media helps them decide what to buy.
  • 25% seek advice on social networks when choosing clothing
  • 90% of followers try to reach out to brands via social media.

In today’s era many millennials and even baby boomers are either discovering brands via social media or going to social media to see how they can interact with a brand they like.

You want to see if there are any special promotions or deals going on and to also see if others purchased/reviewed a product you are perhaps thinking of getting.

If a positive review is found on mobile devices when you are shopping around, companies can see an increase of 133% in conversions compared to no reviews or negative ones.

Not only are you looking reviews but more than half off US consumers go to social media for customer service and feel any issues they have were resolved.

So how does social media translate into a dollar value?

Let’s look:

Shopify says the following:
When a Shopify store user is referred by Facebook the average spend is $40
When referred by Pinterest? $80

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The demographics of today’s social shopper might surprise you:
Male: 61%
Female: 39%

You can find many more details on the social commerce landscape including:

  • Demographics
  • Top social retailers
  • Adoption of social media by platform and industry
  • Which industries benefit the most from social media
  • Top selling social media products
  • User behaviors
  • The List goes on

Check out this incredible social commerce infographic from

Social Media and E-Commerce Infographic 2018

Why You Need a Blog Today

Why You Need a Blog Today

Blogs can have true power, whether you build a blog as a business or as a way to express yourself, they can definitely leave a footprint on the internet.

In case you were interested in the business side of blogs, let’s take a look at some of the highly successful blog businesses.

  • Did you know the Huffington Post started as a blog in 2005? Today it makes $2,500,000 per month.
  • Tech Crunch is a blog all about technology founded in 2005 and makes $800,000 per month.
  • Mashable – Another pop culture / technology blog founded in 2005, and today makes $600,000 per month
  • Smashing Magazine is a magazine or blog for web designers and developers. Started in 2006, the site now takes in $190,000 per month.

The founders of all of these blogs had a love for certain topics. They started writing about it and found many others also had an interest in these topics.

Convinced? Start Setting Up Your Blog Now – It’s Quick (7 minutes!) and Easy.

Get the webhosting in this video and follow along step by step!

Not Convinced? Keep reading..

How to Make a Blog Work for You?
Stay Consistent with Your Blog Content

Choose a posting schedule, whether it’s everyday, a few times a week, or once per week, pick what works for you and stick with it.

Where to Get the Content for Your Blog?
Watch the news – there are headlines everyday, probably every hour online. Use the stories and put them into your blog content, relate it to your topic. Put your own spin on it.

Go on social media! People put out their thoughts on a lot of current events and stories. Know where to look and then use that content in your blog.

These are just a few reasons why you need to have a blog today. Want to get started? We have a FREE video for you to learn exactly STEP BY STEP how to setup a blog.

These were the steps we used to create many blogs and we are releasing it for a limited time for free to our readers here.

Watch it and follow the steps now before the video is taken off the site. Take a look, we cut out the frills and give you exactly what you need to setup a blog today!


Get Sales Benefits from Your Blog Posts

Get Sales Benefits from Your Blog Posts

Blogging is an excellent way to build your company’s brand and spread the word about your products/services.  By writing blog posts you are able to further set into motion your status as an expert in your field.  Your blog can incorporate your product into it, talk about current events as they may relate to your business, portray what you learned at an industry show, or even ask commonly asked questions.   Continue Reading

Podcast #5 – Big Email Marketing News – Actionable Items Plus a Big Bonus

Podcast #5 – Big Email Marketing News – Actionable Items Plus a Big Bonus

Email marketing – it’s the little gem that can give you a huge return.  In a world a flurry with social media, live broadcasts and so much more, email may get lost in the shuffle, but if you decide to ignore it, you are making a major mistake.

It’s so important that Get Response – an email marketing company conducted a study on 2 billion emails.  2 billion!  That’s a lot of emails and a lot of data.  In that data many revelations were found such as the best day to send an email, the best time of that day, and the number of characters you should have in your subject line for best chance of a higher open rate.  What were they?   Continue Reading