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Podcast #4 – Facebook Marketing – Use This New Feature and Stand Out

Podcast #4 – Facebook Marketing – Use This New Feature and Stand Out


                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:
facebook-logo-png-9Facebook – still the #1 top leading social media site recently made an announcement that will truly revolutionize Facebook pages. If you are a business and have a Facebook page – you will know how important the top header photo is. It’s what people first see when landing on your page. Up until now businesses and entrepreneurial individuals, along with entertainers have been very limited on what they could display in that very important spot. Not anymore!!

Find out what the big change is and how you can benefit from it in the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #4!

Let’s get right down to it. Facebook is a stickler for what they do and don’t allow on images on a Facebook page. If you ever advertised on the platform, your banner ad can only include 20% text. It may sound like enough, but you would be surprised how it isn’t easy to make happen. Now don’t get me wrong, you can put that text in the description of the ad and get your message in that way, but let’s face it, the image is what everyone gravitates to. The world is quick and visual.
Facebook has this rule to allow for a solid user experience on the site that is ever evolving. So what is the big change for Facebook pages? Here it is:

Facebook is now allowing you to put a VIDEO in the header image of your Facebook page. This takes everything to a new level. If you have a 20 – 90 second commercial or video showing what you do, now is the time to put it right into the header. Do it now as it is fresh and new so your competitors most likely didn’t get to that point yet.

Facebook is known for users watching hours of video on a given day. Jump on it and help your Facebook page standout, it’s free and could have a major impact!


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Podcast #3 – Pinterest Marketing – How to Sell on Pinterest 2017

Podcast #3 – Pinterest Marketing – How to Sell on Pinterest 2017


                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:
Pinterest has quietly been gaining a lot of ground in the social media selling world but they haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops. Pinterest – another photo-centric social media channel, known for attracting a high percentage of females (males too of course), interested in sharing fashion, food, interior decorating, and other lifestyle photos to learn from and be inspired by. How does this spell social selling and how can you get in on it?

You’ll find it all out in today’s Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #3! Let’s go!

Kleiner Perkins ran a study on Pinterest comparing activities and behaviors of Pinterest users. Here are the stats. When asked where people would like to browse for something they might want to buy, 44% of those surveyed this year (2017) said Pinterest! Now think about this, just two years ago, when Pinterest was very much in the social media sphere, only 33% of those surveyed chose the pin crazy social media site. Now when it comes to actual purchases and where people feel is a great place to buy things online? 24% said Pinterest, this DOUBLED from just 12% in 2015. What is driving this increase?

Targeted pins. Businesses or individuals can advertise on Pinterest in a way that is not so “banner – typical.” For example, if a boutique shop wants to advertise their newest outfits in for the season, they could post a photo of a model wearing that outfit and say “shop the look.” The items for sale which the model is wearing would be called out beneath the photo with direct links for purchase. This is a HUGE opportunity. With the majority of those on Pinterest interested in clothing, fashions, food, and interior decorators, those types of businesses should take advantage of this.

Let’s try one more example – Do you sell interior decorations? Great! Post a photo of a room you made over and then point out specific decorative pieces which were added that you offer for sale right on Pinterest.

Try it out!


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Podcast #2 – Email Marketing – How to Decrease the Number of Unsubscribes

Podcast #2 – Email Marketing – How to Decrease the Number of Unsubscribes


                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:
Email! People are more attached to their email now than ever. With the smartphone, alerts come in quickly. With the average millennial checking their phone 150 times per day, your email will be seen. But, is it being read? Is it relatable and relevant?

This is the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #2!

A new study from Engage Hub has revealed 90% of consumers unsubscribed from retailer email lists within the past year.

While some say this is due to frequency where 24% faulted too much frequency in offers and updates – we need to look deeper here. Is it really about frequency, or is it about the message itself? If you received a very relevant message, something that you could relate to, that you needed, that helped you, the frequency wouldn’t be a problem. Here’s something to back that up. The people complaining about the emails? 24% of them, the same that were unhappy with frequency, say the messages are irrelevant. They said it was Highly irrelevant to them.

So let’s find a fix! I have a tip for you on how to handle this.

If you’re collecting email addresses on your website, congratulations, you are ahead of many. However, it is how you collect the email that holds the secret sauce. In a world of everything being instantaneous – people expect those instant messages that are relevant. People are able to like and follow that which is relevant or interesting to them. If they chose to sign up for your email list, that is great – but you need to know more about them than simply their name and email.

If you’re in retail – you need to setup silos, separate lists – for a clothing retailer it could be as simple as separating groups into those interested in men’s clothing, women, juniors, kids, etc. If you have a consumer electronics store – again, group people into those interested in gaming vs big screen tvs, vs those who want to buy the newest item first. Allow people to sign up for more than one list as well.

In addition, be careful of your messaging. Don’t only make it company news, offers and sales. Your competitors are engaging with their customers via social media and email, stay in touch, show a personality for your business, offer something funny, something helpful, something to just show how important your email list is to your business, a thank you note of sorts. It will make a different, show it.


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Podcast #1 – Get More Traffic to Your Local Business

Podcast #1 – Get More Traffic to Your Local Business


                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:
Web traffic In Today’s podcast we talk about how to use digital to drive tons more foot traffic to your business. Don’t miss this. This is the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #1 Search Engine Land recently said that local searches are growing much faster than mobile searches overall, actually 50% faster. This is huge, we all know we’re on our smartphones most of the day. Need directions? Grab GPS on your phone or the Waze app. Looking for a restaurant, there’s the smartphone again, want to share a photo of a place you’re at? Smartphone. Everything points back to the smartphone. So how can you use this HUGE phenomenon to your advantage as a local business?

1st – Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  You don’t want to hear that someone went on your site only to bounce off and go to a competitor because it wasn’t mobile friendly. So #1, make that website mobile friendly.

2nd – Here’s the real insider tip.  Pay attention to Google Maps.  Google is putting a lot of time into their maps and it is a big part of Google’s business. They have rolled out map ads. Let’s take a step back. The most recent numbers from Google report a whopping 1 billion users using the Google maps app. Think of the exposure when your map ad for your business shows at the top above all the other results. You’re welcome, now go try out local map ads from Google.


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Mobile Reaching New Highs of Ad Spending

Mobile Reaching New Highs of Ad Spending

The IAB report is out.  In 2016 for the full year, the total digital ad spend was $72.5 billion.  Growth in digital ad spending is still strong with an increase over 21% from 2015 to 2016. Randall Rothenberg, the CEO of IAB said the following about mobile’s role in this growth and overall ad spend: “Mobile fueled the internet economy in 2016, with advertisers showing their confidence in digital to achieve their marketing goals. This increasing commitment is a reflection of brands’ ongoing marketing shift from ‘mobilefirst’ to ‘mobile-only’ in order to keep pace with today’s on-the-go consumers.” Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 11.15.11 PM We aren’t just talking about banner or text advertising.  In 2016, we saw the first time audio actually had its own category in digital ad spend.  Audio units saw over $1 billion. In 2016, mobile accounted for 50.52% of the $72.5 billion digital ad spend.  The compound annual growth rate of mobile was 87% in 2016 and heavily drove the digital ad spend. Fun fact: The compound annual growth rate for the past ten years at 16% and has outpaced the US dollar of 3% in the same period. Ready to jump into the digital advertising world, or perhaps you’re looking for help with seeing better results for your digital ads?  We can help.  Send us an email:

[Social Media Update] AR Comes to Snapchat

[Social Media Update] AR Comes to Snapchat

Snapchat, the unofficial “selfie app” that has taken the millennial world (and over!) by storm keeps the ball rolling with constant updates and new features. The newest one? The “World Lens.” It allows people to add flowers, rainbows and so much more to what they see with the “rear facing” camera. Take a look below at the video to find out more about the Snapchat World Lens and check out our three tips for using the new Snapchat lens for your business:

Ways to Use the Snapchat World Lens for Business

Product Demo

Have a new product? Use Snapchat to start putting it out into the digital world. Why not put a rainbow above the new product or some glitter to give it more pizzazz? Have some fun, Snapchat is meant to be tested, it’s new to everyone. The more you use it the quicker you will see your product gain traction amongst the competitors who don’t use this tool. (which happens to have a huge audience)

Behind the Scenes

Is your company participating in an industry-only event or a closed-to-the-public event? Use this time to take some video and share on snapchat. Need to liven up the behind the scenes look at your event? Add the World lens and see it come to life.

Give Your Business a Personality

Apps like Snapchat are here to stay. The names may change but the important lesson here is that consumers of today expect your business to have a social aspect to it. If it doesn’t you might be skipped. So enjoy the fun of Snapchat’s World Lens. Post photos of products, inside your store or restaurant and add the fun filters to the photos/videos. The more creative you are, the better chance you will have for a photo or video to start gaining traction on one of the world’s most popular apps.

Completely clueless on how to use Snapchat?

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[E-Commerce] 3 Shopping Cart Abandonment Tips for 2017

[E-Commerce] 3 Shopping Cart Abandonment Tips for 2017

We’ve heard the numbers for shopping cart abandonment and they’re not pretty.  The average abandonment is 74%.  That’s right, 74% of the time shoppers abandon their shopping carts after adding items in them.  Why?  There are a ton of reasons.  Sometimes it’s merely being distracted, other times people are just “shopping around” and other times they don’t feel safe with the website.  Below you will find three strong tips to help put you on the right track to reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate for your e-commerce shop.  Start putting more money in your pockets rather than leaving them in the cart!


1.  Trust Trust Trust.  

You’ve probably seen the trust badges before.  They look like this below.  They are often a sign that the site in which you are shopping on, takes your privacy and information security seriously.  If these badges are not present, there tends to be a bit of concern about giving the company your private information.  You’re not alone!  61% of people won’t complete a purchase online if the trust badges aren’t present according to Shopify.



Think about working with the following, so you can have the trust badges on your site:


Norton Secured

McAfee Secure


2.  Multiple Payment Options

When people are in the process of checking out on your site, it is important for the process to be seamless.  In addition, you want their “payment option” or “payment type” to be listed.  If someone is sitting at the computer, ready to pay, but they don’t have their debit card or credit card with them, there are other options.  They can check out with Amazon payments which lets the customer sign in via Amazon where they may have their billing information saved already, or they can use Google Wallet which would follow a similar track.  The easier the better, so think of adding those options in addition to the typical MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

3.  One-Page Checkout

One of the continuously seen popular topics when it comes to a better experience for shoppers online, is the ease in which the checkout part is performed.  There are options now which allow you to offer a one page checkout.  You can add your important information, shipping, billing, email all on one page without having to wait for more pages to load and losing your nerve by canceling or abandoning the order.  Instead, it’s easy to follow along and get done.



Another variation on this one is the progress bar in e-commerce.  This way you will be certain of exactly how much more you have until you reach order confirmation.




phone-iconNeed help with getting your E-Commerce program on track?  Dealing with a high shopping cart abandonment rate or have other e-commerce questions?  We can help.

Email or call (914) 315-9651.






[4 Email Marketing Tips] Don’t Land in the Email Promos Tab on Gmail!

[4 Email Marketing Tips] Don’t Land in the Email Promos Tab on Gmail!

Are you noticing lower open rates on your email blasts?

gmailChanges to some of the major email service providers have caused many emails which used to land in the primary inbox, to landing in the spam and or promo tabs.  Gmail is one that is notorious for this.  Google decided to create three main tabs in the Gmail inbox instead of everything landing in either the main inbox or spam.  Spam still exists in gmail, for the record.

Your email marketing blasts land in the promo tab or in spam.  Did you know there are ways to help your email marketing regain the open rates it used to see (or close to that) with Gmail recipients?  Read the tips below and start implementing them.  We have done this with clients and they are happily enjoying the positive results.

1.  Keep it Simple.

Are your email newsletters full of images?  You’ll want to be careful.

First, most emails are opened on mobile devices today.  This means the screen is much smaller and people are looking for information in bite size pieces.

The solution?  Include 1 image, yes only 1, so choose wisely as to what you include.  Emails that had less imagery were often not marked as “spam” or “promotional.”

Bonus:  Include an alt tag behind your image so in the case an email recipient’s image doesn’t show, the alt tag (text describing the image) will display instead of a blank with an x.


2.  Reduce HTML.

Many emails are heavy laden with HTML code.  This is another spam alert to most email service providers.

The solution? Start reducing the amount of HTML you use and leave it as plain text instead.


3.  Stick with Text.

This follows along with step #2 which is to reduce HTML.  Less text and more images/html will be spam tab/promo tab prone.

The solution? If emails seem to be more in a “letter format” which involves a large percentage of plain text they will skip the spam filter and hopefully end up in the primary tab.


4.  Watch your subject line!

There are a number of known triggers to the spam filters. Many of these are detected in a subject line.  Here are some words to avoid:

  • Buy
  • As Seen On
  • % Off
  • Sale
  • Order
  • Clearance
  • Act Now
  • Affordable
  • Click Here
  • Congratulations
  • Deal
  • Discount

Bonus:  Try the subject line tester and it will let you know if your email subject line is spam prone.