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Setup a Blog in 7 Minutes

Setup a Blog in 7 Minutes

Blogs, you’ve heard you need to start a blog.  People are making real money with a blog.  Money not your reason?  Don’t worry, you can have a blog to present your opinions and point of view.  Be an expert in your field and show it off!  Take a look at the REAL reasons to have a blog in 2016.

Let’s Be Real – The Money $$$

Look at these HUGE Blog Facts:

Did you know the Huffington Post started as a blog in 2005?  Today it makes $2,500,000 per month.
Tech Crunch is a blog all about technology founded in 2005 and makes $800,000 per month.
Mashable – Another pop culture / technology blog founded in 2005, and today makes $600,000 per month
Smashing Magazine is a magazine or blog for web designers and developers.  Started in 2006, the site now takes in $190,000 per month.

The founders of all of these blogs had a love for certain topics.  They started writing about it and found many others also had an interest in these topics.

Convinced?  Start Setting Up Your Blog Now – It’s Quick (7 minutes!) and Easy.  Get the webhosting in this video and follow along step by step!

Not Convinced? Keep reading..

How to Make a Blog Work for You?
Stay Consistent with Your Blog Content

Choose a posting schedule, whether it’s everyday, a few times a week, or once per week, pick what works for you and stick with it.

Where to Get the Content for Your Blog?
Watch the news – there are headlines everyday, probably every hour online.  Use the stories and put them into your blog content, relate it to your topic.  Put your own spin on it.

Look at other blog articles and comments.  See what the pulse of the people is and put your opinion into it.

Go on social media!  People put out their thoughts on a lot of current events and stories.  Know where to look and then use that content in your blog.

Include Multimedia on Your Blog
Keep your blog fun and fresh by diversifying the content to include videos as well.  Video is growing by leaps and bounds online, capture that audience power on your blog.

Did you know starting a blog can be helpful for school and a resume builder?
If you stay consistent in writing on your blog, you will have a great deal of content.  This content is not just for the internet.
You can use it for multiple purposes.  Do you have a project in an English class looking for writing samples all of a similar theme?

You can take the blog posts you write and put them together in a portfolio.  The career landscape has changed.  You can find work as a content writer for many different companies to help write for their blog.  The collection of blog posts will be a great portfolio to give to a potential employer or to even put as a link to your Linkedin.

These  are just a few reasons why you need to have a blog today.  Want to get started?  We have a FREE video for you to learn exactly STEP BY STEP how to setup a blog.  These were the steps we used to create many blogs and we are releasing it for a limited time for free to our readers here.  Watch it and follow the steps now before the video is taken off the site.  Take a look, we cut out the frills and give you exactly what you need to setup a blog today!

To Start a Blog You Will Need Webhosting.  We recommend Startlogic, sign up today to follow along with the video below.

Don’t deprive the world of your blog!  Sign Up for webhosting to start your blog today!*

*Feeling the Vibe receives a commission on signups for webhosting.





Bernie Williams Concert in NYC a Huge Success!

Bernie Williams Concert in NYC a Huge Success!

We want to congratulate our client, Bernie Williams on a successful night in New York City on Saturday, April 30th.  His concert at the (Le) Poisson Rouge in Manhattan raised a lot of money for music education.  The show was sponsored by Steiner Sports, benefiting the NAMM Foundation.

Watch a highlight of the night when musician, Paquito D’Rivera joined Bernie and his All-Star Band on stage.  Watch below:

For updates and future concert details, please visit Bernie Williams Official Website at .

Valerie, Head Librarian of Somers Library

Kristen & Diana Ackerly recently facilitated a social media workshop for small business owners. The content was rich and they were both incredibly engaging. The room was completely filled, and many attendees stayed after the presentation to have some one-on-one time with them — even after a long Q&A session. Best part? Everyone left with strategies they could actually use. We would definitely have them back again!

Kristen Cannata of Cove City Studios

A few years ago I met Kristen & Diana backstage of a Bernie Williams Concert and they were interviewing Bernie Williams himself. Not only did Bernie, his manager & the band love these girls but we formed an instant connection as well. Their amazing energy, knowledge, motivation & ability to diligently work is the reason I send all my clients to them and continue to keep them in mind for future work. I recommend these girls and am always happy with their work.

Peter Clarke – Recording Artist

Feeling the Vibe does a stellar job of delivering a professional and competitive product. They were committed from day-one to developing an amazing website to introduce the public to my music. If you at all feel scared about getting your name out there, or are self conscious about how your “image” will be received, Feeling the Vibe will destroy any sense of paranoia and create a package for you that will be well worth many bragging rights. I am proud to be one of their clients. You won’t regret using their services.

Peter Salzman of Salzman Financial Management

Kristen and Diana Ackerly were responsible for setting up a website for my financial advising business. They remained accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process. I now have a website that I am truly proud of. I would highly recommend Feeling the Vibe to all business owners and entrepreneurs.

Nancy Stingone of Unique Designs Gifts

Feeling The Vibe has taken Unique Designs an average website, their social media sites and has transformed them into appealing, informative sites. Unique Designs has gotten to another level from when we started working with them. They are professional, and very creative in their marketing skills. They can take a paragraph and make it into a whole marketing campaign. They listen to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpass my expectations. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend that you use Feeling The Vibe to develop your website!