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Google Instant Search

If you use as your main search engine, you will notice that they have added a new component, the “instant search.”  Here’s how you know what it is:

If you were to type in “puppy stores in New York” before you could even get to “stores” it would start searching automatically with what they “guess” to be your search terms.

I don’t know about you, but this is annoying and tends to cause my computer to get stuck as it searches. 

So here’s the trick, go to the top right corner of and you should see “settings” and “search settings.”  Click that.

Scroll down to “Google Instant” and click “Don’t Use Google Instant.”  Then click save at the bottom of the page.  That’s it, then should work without the instant search!

The Best Way to Eat an Elephant.. one bite at a time.

As a business owner it is very typical to have overwhelming tasks.  Sometimes you look at a project and just want to run and hide.  We have a better method.  Why not break down the big project into smaller tasks on a timeline, and then you can have everything done in a more structured manner. 

Example:  Task is to find business customers for your business service.

1.  Figure out which businesses would do best with your service.

2.  Look through local directories for businesses within a certain radius, make a list of 50.

3.  Setup an email or flyer for those businesses about your service.

4.  Send out your email or flyer to those 50 businesses.

Take it one step at a time.  You’ll be glad you did.

Multi-Tasking..Don’t Do It!

Many of us, particularly those of us who are females love to multitask, it’s just what we know.  However, if you want to accomplish tasks, you may want to rethink that idea.  It turns out that if you can zone in on a list of priority tasks then take on one at a time, without any distractions, you will accomplish so much more.  So it’s important to just single-task!

Tweeting Everywhere


If you want more people to know about your twitter profile, be sure to spread the word everywhere.  If you have other profiles such as facebook, announce it there.  Also, put it in your email signature inviting people to follow you on twitter.  You can even print it on your business card or mention it in forum posts.  There can be many places to spread the word.

Tweet at the Peak

Ever wonder when the best time is to tweet on Twitter?  Well you should actually tweet often, but funny enough the best time is during business hours in the United States from 9 pm – 5pm.  Even though they’re at work, they tend to be on social media sites most.  So if you want your audience expanded, try tweeting during those times.

Why Facebook for Business?

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Facebook Fan Page

1.  Local or National, you can find your specific target market on facebook.

2.  You have a platform to directly communicate with potential and current customers.

3.  Facebook is highly indexed on Google (this means your business will come up higher on search engines)

4.  The power of going “viral” means that if you have customers “fans” (as they call it on Facebook) who like what you offer, they can easily let their friends know on Facebook.

5.  You have access to 500,000,000 people!

Fans, Facebook, Pages, What??!

So you’ve heard you need to be on social media, perhaps even had some marketing professionals suggest it for your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start or why you need it.  Well for why, see our “Top 5 Reasons to Have Facebook” article.  Let’s break down all these terms on Facebook:

First off, facebook is a “social networking” website.  It’s a place where people go to connect with old friends, new friends, and relatives.  A lot of the time it allows for people to instantly connect and keep up with each other. 

So where does a business have a spot in this world?  It has a very big spot!  Business owners are realizing the power they can have just by creating a Facebook fan page.  You have a great ability now to connect with potential customers than every before. 

What is a fan?

A “fan” on facebook is a person who “likes” your business, this could be a current customer, someone who is interested in your products or services, or someone who was referred over by one of your customers.  (It’s easy for someone to become a fan, they just have to click “like” on your facebook page!)

I have a profile, is a business page the same?

It’s a little different.  You can’t send “friend requests” as you might do with your own profile.  (this is where the most challenging aspect of having a Facebook page for a business may be).  Challenge, yes, but not impossible, not at all.  Also, you can’t post on your “fans’ ” profiles, they can post on yours though, and you can respond to them on your page. 

This is a good start.  Interested in finding a way to get a piece of the 500,000,000 people pie that’s called Facebook for your business?  No worries, we can help you even more because Feeling the Vibe Design will be hosting some very special classes and we promise you will have a facebook profile at the end of the class for your business.

Are you doing this?

Perhaps you have your own website already. This next idea may sound simple, but it’s something that could have a great result for you. Do you have email addresses for your current clients and customers? Have you told them about your new website? Sometimes people need reminders, and a little incentive to suggest/refer your website to their friends.

Send them a letter to tell them to check out your website (give them the link), and tell them it is very much appreciated if they would let their friends know about your services as well.  You could also offer a referral fee or discount on their next purchase if they refer a new client.

Website Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every business needs marketing. On the web this type of marketing is called “search engine optimization.” With search engines such as and being some of the top ways consumers search for products and services, it is important for your business’s website to appear on these search engines. The next necessity for your website is to have it appear in the upper level of the searches. While there aren’t any guarantees as to placement in a search engine, it is guaranteed that your website needs a certain combination of keywords and descriptions within the coding and pages themselves to appear for particular searches on or Yahoo. This involves research in your industry, looking at competitors, and deciding upon the right keywords and content creation to have a nice presence on these search engines.

Website Maintenance

As your business changes, you will also want to update your website so the content reflects those changes. For example you may change your prices or hours. You may even want to include a special message or pictures for your business. By adding on the maintenance service we will take care of making these updates to your websites in a timely fashion. You are only charged when you need an update to your site.

Updating Websites

Do you already have a website? Perhaps though it can use a little sprucing up or the design needs to be modernized. We can help you with that. We will work with you to find just the right design to fit your business and the times.

FTV is based out of..

Feeling the Vibe Design is based out of New York here to design
a functional and easy to navigate website customized specifically for your business. The web is quickly becoming the spot where consumers go to search for new products and services.  Every business should have their own website as a place to offer consumers all the information they need to know about you.  Through the use of strong Search Engine Optimization techniques and promotions our marketing team will take your new website to the next level. 

At Feeling the Vibe Design we understand the importance of a business’s website, and will work with you to design and market the site that is just right for you. 
Let us help your business step into the spotlight and stay there!

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