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Digital Daily Marketing – Tip #22 – Periscope 2.0!

Periscope is still going strong and growing!  They just recently made some announcements and improvements slated to appear soon.  The Periscope early adapters like @KimGarst and @1AlexKhan are all over this news, immediately scoping about it.  So wait no longer, here is what Periscope 2.0 will offer:



1.  Rewind and Fast Forward 


If you watch Periscope replays, you will notice there is no way to skip ahead or replay a certain part without having to start all the way back at the beginning.  Most often on Periscope replays, you will spend a lot of time watching the broadcaster welcome everyone in.  As a replay viewer, you can’t interact and aren’t quite interested to wait through the “hellos.”  So now, you will be able to fast forward right through them!


2.  Teleport


Click a button and find a random scope, like “couch mode” on


3.  Sticky Replays


The replays will stick around on your profile for 24 hours and will be shown on the map. You can search for a particular type of scope or a particular type of content which will then be found pinned to the map.


Bonus note:  If you include “#Halloween” in your scope title, you will then see bats fly across the screen during a Periscope broadcast.

Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #21 – 3 Little Known Ways to Affect Adwords Quality Score

3 Ways You can Increase Your Adwords Quality Score Right Here

If you are running paid search ads for your business, you have undoubtedly come across something called a “quality score.”  If you haven’t, go into your account and check it out.  Quality score is very very important to Google and should be important to you too.  After all, if you create the ads in the right way, the quality score for your ads will be higher, which will allow you to pay less for clicks (cpc) than your competitors with lower quality scores.  So how is that done?


There are a few ways to affect quality score that relate to your website.  If you need help with build ads which will be given great quality scores, contact us and we’ll get you started.  That isn’t what this post is about.  In this case, let’s get into the 3 Ways Adwords Quality Score can be changed.

1.  Privacy Policy – You may not realize it, but Google puts a lot of clout into how your website is setup, especially for the links your ads go to.  The Privacy Policy is an important part of any website which may in any way shape or form, collect visitor information.  If you have an e-commerce website you most definitely need a privacy policy.  You can get a free privacy policy here and tweak it a bit for your website if you don’t have one already.  Final point, if your website doesn’t have a privacy policy, Google flags it and it will show in your lowered quality score.  An EASY FIX!


2.  Contact Page – If you have a website, you need a contact page.  Make sure it shows a phone number as well so Google doesn’t flag you in any way, and your quality score will be happy.


3.  Keywords in the URL – This one isn’t on your website, but is one that many may miss.  You need to make sure the keyword you are building your ads around, that main keyword, is in the URL.  You will see great changes in your quality score.


There you have it!  3 Easy Ways to Have a Increase Your Adwords Quality Score.

Daily Digital Marketing Tip #20 – Increase Your Email Capture Rates

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteWe all know as marketers, we want to communicate with our customers to know what they want.  The more we are in communication with them presenting them with valuable material, the stronger your community will be of dedicated customers.  Did you know there are some easy steps you can take to help increase the rate at which people sign up for your mailing list?


1.  Top Level Form


Sites which include an email form in the first three fields to fill out on a checkout saw an increase of 14.6% in email capture rates.


2.  One is Better than Two


WebsItes which use one checkout page capture email addresses at a rate of 16.7% higher than those with two or more pages for checkout.


3.  Signup Forms


Signup forms with fewer fields to fill out capture emails much better than those with more.  While it’s helpful to have more information on each subscriber, that first interaction they have with you to join your list should be a very easy one.  One study saw an increase in email capture of 28% when they decreased the form fields from five to four.


4.  No Phone Numbers


Required fields can be helpful but think twice about making the phone number required.  One company saw a 275% increase in email capture when they didn’t have the phone number field required.  If that field is not mandatory for your business, try making it an optional field to see if it can work for you.


Daily Digital Marketing Tip – #19 – Best Time of Day and Day of Week for the Best Email Results

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteThere are so many people do not realize how important email marketing truly is . They somehow think it has gone the way of the dinosaur .  This could not be more untrue.  Email is actually a somewhat untapped yes fantastic way to stay in communication with your clients and potential clients .



Let’s get down to it . There are two main KPIs you need to pay attention to. They are:

Open Rates

Click through rate


What is the major factor for converting open right? It is your subject line . There are many do’s and don’ts for the subject line but we’ll get to those in another post.  Just know the subject line makes a big difference as to whether your email is opened or not.

Once they read your email you will want to be sure of two items:

  • The content matches and expands upon your subject line.
  • The content is compelling enough to make someone click.

Does the time of day matter and when you send your email? Absolutely!

Does the day of the week matter for your send to be successful? Yes again!

You want to be sure that you send your email during the day.  The time of day may vary depending on where you’re sending your email so keep that in mind in regards to timezones.  You don’t want to send emails late at night or overnight simply because people are asleep and they won’t be able to actually read your emails. Most likely if an email is received overnight it will be lost in the inbox by the time the person begins to read your email.  Send your email during the late morning early afternoon .  This can also depend on who you’re targeting.  If you target teenagers and 20-somethings in college, it is best to send those emails later in the day or even night when they are home from school.


In Summary:

Send your emails during the day between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. if you are sending to working age adults .

Send your emails between the hours of 6 pm and 11 pm if you are targeting teenagers and/or college students.  Reserve the later part of the night (8:00 – 11:00) for older teenagers and college students

Days of the Week to Not Send Email Blasts

Which days of the week work? Word to the wise , skip sending emails on Mondays. Why?  Most people aren’t in the best of moods on Mondays knowing the weekend is over . Most likely working adults are facing very busy inboxes and your email might hit the trash before it’s opened . Another day to skip? Actually two, the weekend, skip Saturdays and Sundays . Most people are not putting their focus on email over the weekend  and instead running errands.

Best Days of the Week to Send Email Blasts

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. These days have been historically known to give the best results for sending an email blast.


There you have it if you’re going to send emails to professional adults, send them from 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.


If you are sending email blasts to teenagers and college students send it between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays .


The days and times above have been found to be the best for results across many industries. However, it is always important to test your particular target market and see their behavior.


Bonus Statistic !

23% of email recipients open their emails within 60 minutes of receiving them . There are a number who do not open their emails for a day or two.  If sending for an event, make sure to send it at least 3 – 5 days in advance.  Keep watching for more!



Instagram Ads – You Should Be Using Them Now!

instagramAs mentioned previously, Instagram is opening its ad platform to the US.  This is MAJOR news.  Instagram already opened their advertising platform internationally and businesses along with individuals have been enjoying the HUGE benefits!




First some Instagram stats:


Did you know Instagram currently (according to the State of Social Media) has 300,000,000 monthly active users?  Those users post up 70 million photos per day with 2.5 BILLION likes on photos everyday.  Instagram started in 2010 and Instagram Ads are not even 3 years old yet.

Why Instagram Ads?


When compared to other top social media, Instagram had 4600+% higher engagement and 3700+% higher profile interactions.

Case Study:


Michael Kors was one of the first brands to advertise on Instagram.  It was found they had 4X more likes than on non-promoted posts.

Instagram Ads – Definitely something to try out with a test budget.


Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #17 – Periscope Just Made it Much Easier for You to Watch

periscope-logoPeriscope is one popular app and as recently mentioned has hit 15 million viewers!  It is taking digital video to a brand new level.  If you are already using Periscope or thinking of trying it out, make sure to get my free starter guide for Periscope


As this new app continues to build popularity more and more updates will be come available.  A new one which hit iOS users first was the ability to watch in landscape view with the comments Continue Reading

Digital Daily – Tip #16 – The Instagram Milestone Bombshell and How You Can Cash In

instagramInstagram is the social app your kids, their friends, and even adults just love.  That user base and community is growing at lightning speed, just recently hitting 400 million users.  400 million people in just 5 short years with 80 million pictures shared EACH DAY!  Here’s a little known fact though, 75% of the Instagram user base is from outside of the US.



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Digital Daily – Tip #15 – Periscope Update for iOS!

periscope-logoIf you are using Periscope (you should be!), they have brought out a BRAND NEW update for iPhone/iPad – basically iOS users.  I’m sure you have taken a screenshot with your phone/mobile device.  Now while you’re on Periscope, you can take a screenshot and then actually share the screenshot on Twitter right from the Periscope app!  It will also alert the scoper (person live streaming whom you are watching at the time) you have taken a screenshot by showing a small film icon which mixes in with the hearts on the right side.  Great expanded exposure!

Want to learn how to use Periscope for Your Business with a FREE 5 Step Guide to Getting Started PDF?   Fill out this Form Now!



Digital Daily – #14 – Periscope URLs!

periscope-logoThis is BREAKING NEWS and I had to jump on to tell you all about the newest feature Periscope brought out today.  Periscope just hit 15 million users, this is the fastest growing social media program EVER!!  It is an incredible platform to promote your business.


Now you have the ability to direct people straight to your Periscope Profile with custom Periscope URLs!



Here is how it looks:


How you can use the new Periscope URL for business:

  • In your signature on your emails.
  • On your website
  • On your social media profiles


Want to learn how to use Periscope for Your Business with a FREE 5 Step Guide to Getting Started PDF?  Fill out this Form Now!


Daily Digital Marketing – Tip # 13 – Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

Popular Instagram hashtags

A study was just put out on the best hashtags in 2015 to include on your Instagram photos for the best exposure AND engagement.  If you’re on Instagram and think it could really help your business or you simply want more followers, more engagement and a better community you should take a look at this very special list.  It’s not easy to find but has some amazing information.

Here are some hashtags you should include and they’re hashtags which actually are pretty generic and can somehow be used with your photos as well:

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