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I am a huge believer in reading when it comes to business, for a number of reasons.  However, I also believe you should be extremely careful of what you read and how much, otherwise, it can be all too confusing for the mind.  When you find a book which ignites a fire, turns on that proverbial light bulb; consume it, inhale it, and then ACT on it.  The only way you will know the book is good for you, is if you can utilize even one idea in that book.  Then you’re on the right track.  Treat it like a game, now you need to move to the next level.  Entrepreneur Go!  TheGrit

There are also motivation boosters, ways to bolster you up as an entrepreneur to keep reaching for those next levels.

Matt Manero, author of The Grit, and owner of multiple companies including his transportation finance company, CFF Nationwide, brings a combination of both guidance and motivation in his new book.  He shares his story of how being bullied as a sixth grader and how he chose to react to it, lead him to fighting for greatness in all areas of his life.  The stories he shares, the failures, and how he got back on that horse will be inspirational to all entrepreneurs.

3 Main Lessons or Takeaways from The Grit

1.  Treat your business like a member of the family

2.  If you think you’re dreaming big, dream bigger

3.  Always stay gritty


Matt shares not only his own stories, but lessons he’s learned from very influential mentors like Grant Cardone who promotes 10X-ing all your goals.

So, do you have what it takes, do you have “The Grit” to make it happen?  My own thinking is that when you are excited about what you do, you become gritty by default.  You can’t help but do that business constantly.  The quote says “Entrepreneurship is the only job people will work 80 hours a week, to get out of working 40 hours per week.”  It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like a purpose.  When you are there my friend, you will see how you move from one level to the next.  Books like “The Grit” will give you the motivation to keep you moving up the levels.  It is the type of book you can keep by your bed or on your desk for motivation.  I like to call it the reminder book, a reminder to stay focused and stay gritty.

I highly recommend you grab a copy of Matt Manero’s book.  It’s a quick read and one you can repeat because this is information you not only need but information which will light a fire in you and keep it burning!

Get your copy of The Grit now.

You can find out more about Matt Manero at www.mattmanero.com