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Digital Daily – Tip #16 – The Instagram Milestone Bombshell and How You Can Cash In

instagramInstagram is the social app your kids, their friends, and even adults just love.  That user base and community is growing at lightning speed, just recently hitting 400 million users.  400 million people in just 5 short years with 80 million pictures shared EACH DAY!  Here’s a little known fact though, 75% of the Instagram user base is from outside of the US.



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Daily Digital Marketing – Tip # 13 – Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

Popular Instagram hashtags

A study was just put out on the best hashtags in 2015 to include on your Instagram photos for the best exposure AND engagement.  If you’re on Instagram and think it could really help your business or you simply want more followers, more engagement and a better community you should take a look at this very special list.  It’s not easy to find but has some amazing information.

Here are some hashtags you should include and they’re hashtags which actually are pretty generic and can somehow be used with your photos as well:

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