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Google AdWords – Important Tip for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday + Podcast

Google AdWords just rolled out yet another feature, and right in time for the two  busiest days of the holiday season for businesses.  The holiday season is just about here, find out what you NEED in your ads to stand out this holiday season.  Since they’re so new, most likely, your competitors won’t know about them just yet.  Jump on board quick.  Check out the podcast below:


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3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook!

3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook!

There are over 42 MILLION Facebook business pages out there, and it is growing every minute.  Facebook users (the visitors that “like” your page) spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the social media website.  When you post an update to your page whether it be an image, a video, or a plain text announcement, you assume that all the followers of your page are seeing your update.  However, there is a little secret that Facebook does not want you to know.  Behind the scenes, Facebook is choosing which posts are viewed by which followers of your page based on their interests and likes.

So, how do you fix this?!   Facebook Advertising!

Facebook Advertising

#1  It’s Where Your Customers Are!

With over 1 billion users on Facebook, your audience is definitely somewhere in that mix!  Facebook offers the widest audience you can get, second in line to search engines.  It far exceeds television, newspaper and magazine advertising.  Think about it, what other type of media are people carrying around with them 24/7?

#2  Dig Deeply into Your Target Market

Facebook is extremely specific with its targeting capabilities.  You can choose who you want your ad to show to based on categories such as location, behaviors interests, age, languages, etc.  After you choose, it will notify you of how many users your ad will be displayed to.

#3  Others have had Huge Success!

Stittsworth Meats: When the owner of Stittsworth Meats bought the meat market a few years ago, the first thing he did was set up a Facebook page. With a combination of frequent posts, contests/giveaways, and advertising on Facebook, the shop has taken off, and sales are up 250 percent!!

Carol’s Daughter is a skincare, hair care and beauty product company. Owner, Lisa Price started the business in her kitchen, opening up her first store in Brooklyn, New York in the late 90′s.  When the Carol’s Daughter team started using Facebook, it was mostly to build brand awareness and to connect with their followers.  The team then started using Facebook advertising to promote newly launched products, achieving sales in excess of $20 million!


Do you need help with Facebook advertising?  Do you currently have a Facebook page that you need to take to the next level?  Contact us: email

Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #21 – 3 Little Known Ways to Affect Adwords Quality Score

3 Ways You can Increase Your Adwords Quality Score Right Here

If you are running paid search ads for your business, you have undoubtedly come across something called a “quality score.”  If you haven’t, go into your account and check it out.  Quality score is very very important to Google and should be important to you too.  After all, if you create the ads in the right way, the quality score for your ads will be higher, which will allow you to pay less for clicks (cpc) than your competitors with lower quality scores.  So how is that done?


There are a few ways to affect quality score that relate to your website.  If you need help with build ads which will be given great quality scores, contact us and we’ll get you started.  That isn’t what this post is about.  In this case, let’s get into the 3 Ways Adwords Quality Score can be changed.

1.  Privacy Policy – You may not realize it, but Google puts a lot of clout into how your website is setup, especially for the links your ads go to.  The Privacy Policy is an important part of any website which may in any way shape or form, collect visitor information.  If you have an e-commerce website you most definitely need a privacy policy.  You can get a free privacy policy here and tweak it a bit for your website if you don’t have one already.  Final point, if your website doesn’t have a privacy policy, Google flags it and it will show in your lowered quality score.  An EASY FIX!


2.  Contact Page – If you have a website, you need a contact page.  Make sure it shows a phone number as well so Google doesn’t flag you in any way, and your quality score will be happy.


3.  Keywords in the URL – This one isn’t on your website, but is one that many may miss.  You need to make sure the keyword you are building your ads around, that main keyword, is in the URL.  You will see great changes in your quality score.


There you have it!  3 Easy Ways to Have a Increase Your Adwords Quality Score.

Instagram Ads – You Should Be Using Them Now!

instagramAs mentioned previously, Instagram is opening its ad platform to the US.  This is MAJOR news.  Instagram already opened their advertising platform internationally and businesses along with individuals have been enjoying the HUGE benefits!




First some Instagram stats:


Did you know Instagram currently (according to the State of Social Media) has 300,000,000 monthly active users?  Those users post up 70 million photos per day with 2.5 BILLION likes on photos everyday.  Instagram started in 2010 and Instagram Ads are not even 3 years old yet.

Why Instagram Ads?


When compared to other top social media, Instagram had 4600+% higher engagement and 3700+% higher profile interactions.

Case Study:


Michael Kors was one of the first brands to advertise on Instagram.  It was found they had 4X more likes than on non-promoted posts.

Instagram Ads – Definitely something to try out with a test budget.


3 Online Marketing Tips Every Chiropractor Must Know!

3 Online Marketing Tips Every Chiropractor Must Know!

Chiropractor Online Marketing Tips

Chiropractor online marketing tips

Did you know there are an average of 3 million searches per month for chiropractors on search engines?  People are looking for your services and if you are not online in the right way, you are missing out on helping the many seeking your expertise.

We understand you have a lot to think about with your chiropractic practice and taking care of your patients.  You have undoubtedly heard about the fact that people are searching online for services just like yours.  If you are not coming up in the searches, your competitors are being found instead.  That’s not fair!  There are some ways you can help level that playing field.  After all, you’ve worked very hard to reach the level you’re at and people need you.  We’re going to give you some important tips to help you with your online marketing.

  • Take appointments online - Many times people are searching for you when they have a quiet moment.  This is usually at a later time of the day.  Think of how great it would be to capture those searchers giving them the opportunity to setup an appointment all from your website.
  • Choose the right social media – You’ve heard that social media is the place to be.  A lot of times business owners make the mistake of trying to create a profile on all of them.  The better tip is to choose the right combination of social media profiles that can truly help your business.  As a chiropractor, the best option would be Facebook as it has the most members with over 750 million.
  • Go Local - As a local business you will want people in your particular zip code radius to find your practice when they search.  Luckily, Google has their own local listing  called Google Places.  It’s free to open, grab yours now!
  • Do you want to reach all the thousands of locals looking for a chiropractor?  You should read our FREE step by step guide to creating an effective Google local listing that will bring people knocking on your door.  All you need to do is email us at