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Snapchat Spectacles: Newest Popular Must-Have Gadget

Snapchat Spectacles: Newest Popular Must-Have Gadget

Snapchat Spectacles in black - review


While at an event for one of our clients, we met a PR team trying Snapchat Spectacles for the first time.  They come in a case and look different from typical fashion sunglasses.  You can almost tell there is a technological feel to the glasses.  They have holes to the side of each lens where the cameras are which create a “fishbowl” like image.

The sunglasses sync with your Snapchat allowing you to truly take the memory you “see” and store it.  You can take up to 10 second videos via your specs. The good news, by taking photos and videos with your Snapchat Spectacles, you won’t automatically post images nor videos to your snapchat, they will go to a holding folder (the Memories section).  Then you can choose which photos/videos you want to keep.  Once in the memories folder, you can edit photos just as you usually would adding stickers, filters, doodles and more before snapping them.



Some Important Details:

Snapchat Spectacles come in a variety of colors including:Snapchat Spectacles case and charger





Purchase of the Snapchat Spectacles come with a storage case that holds up to four charges, so you’re ready on the go.

Price: $129.99

Amazon shows 51 reviews with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Podcast #4 – Facebook Marketing – Use This New Feature and Stand Out

Podcast #4 – Facebook Marketing – Use This New Feature and Stand Out

                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:

Facebook – still the #1 top leading social media site recently made an announcement that will truly revolutionize Facebook pages. If you are a business and have a Facebook page – you will know how important the top header photo is. It’s what people first see when landing on your page. Up until now businesses and entrepreneurial individuals, along with entertainers have been very limited on what they could display in that very important spot. Not anymore!!

Find out what the big change is and how you can benefit from it in the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #4! Continue Reading

Podcast #3 – Pinterest Marketing – How to Sell on Pinterest 2017

Podcast #3 – Pinterest Marketing – How to Sell on Pinterest 2017

                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:

Pinterest has quietly been gaining a lot of ground in the social media selling world but they haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops. Pinterest – another photo-centric social media channel, known for attracting a high percentage of females (males too of course), interested in sharing fashion, food, interior decorating, and other lifestyle photos to learn from and be inspired by. How does this spell social selling and how can you get in on it?

You’ll find it all out in today’s Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #3! Let’s go! Continue Reading

Instagram Ads – You Should Be Using Them Now!

instagramAs mentioned previously, Instagram is opening its ad platform to the US.  This is MAJOR news.  Instagram already opened their advertising platform internationally and businesses along with individuals have been enjoying the HUGE benefits!




First some Instagram stats:


Did you know Instagram currently (according to the State of Social Media) has 300,000,000 monthly active users?  Those users post up 70 million photos per day with 2.5 BILLION likes on photos everyday.  Instagram started in 2010 and Instagram Ads are not even 3 years old yet.

Why Instagram Ads?


When compared to other top social media, Instagram had 4600+% higher engagement and 3700+% higher profile interactions.

Case Study:


Michael Kors was one of the first brands to advertise on Instagram.  It was found they had 4X more likes than on non-promoted posts.

Instagram Ads – Definitely something to try out with a test budget.


Digital Daily – Tip #16 – The Instagram Milestone Bombshell and How You Can Cash In

instagramInstagram is the social app your kids, their friends, and even adults just love.  That user base and community is growing at lightning speed, just recently hitting 400 million users.  400 million people in just 5 short years with 80 million pictures shared EACH DAY!  Here’s a little known fact though, 75% of the Instagram user base is from outside of the US.



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Daily Digital Marketing – Tip # 13 – Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

Popular Instagram hashtags

A study was just put out on the best hashtags in 2015 to include on your Instagram photos for the best exposure AND engagement.  If you’re on Instagram and think it could really help your business or you simply want more followers, more engagement and a better community you should take a look at this very special list.  It’s not easy to find but has some amazing information.

Here are some hashtags you should include and they’re hashtags which actually are pretty generic and can somehow be used with your photos as well:

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Digital Daily – Tip #11 – Facebook Graphics for Non-Designers

As you know, graphics and visuals are so very important online everywhere.  If you look at a site with great vibrant graphics vs a site with just text and few low level graphics, you will gravitate toward the site with the great graphics.  So, then the question arises, how do I design?  I’m not a designer!  I can’t create these great looking visuals.  Don’t worry anymore.  There is a site that will help you, even if you are a non-designer.  They are an awesome spot to also build out Facebook page headers.  If you are on Facebook, you need a visual to set you apart from everyone else and that right header will give the right first impression.

The1re is a site out there now which takes a lot of the hard design work out of the equation.  You need to try it, the site is  If you need a tutorial on how to use, let us know and we’ll put one together for you.

(The image to the left was created on!)


Tip:  While you will find some images are $1, there are images which are free.  Be sure to watch out for them in the search.


Digital Daily – Tip #10 – Linkedin Headers

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteLinkedin is consistently growing and a must have for all career driven professionals.  As the site has grown, the ability to customize has also expanded.  If you haven’t noticed, go into your own profile and you will see a spot at the top to add a top header photo.  You may not think of Linkedin as a place to be “artistic” or colorful even.  This is your time to set your profile apart from the many others on the site.

Linkedin gives you some possible headers to choose from or to upload your own.  When you’re designing the header banner, make sure it is a jpeg, png, or gif that is less than 4 MB in size.  The dimensions are 1400 X 425.  One important part is the top part of your profile with your profile image is sitting over this header.  When you’re designing the header, leave space in the middle-bottom part as it will be covered by the profile.

This is the time for you to have a strong personal brand.  This represents you.  It can give you the exposure to help make a great first impression.