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E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Conferences 2017: The Most Comprehensive List

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Conferences 2017: The Most Comprehensive List

The year may be coming to a close and if you have an e-commerce shop, hopefully you have your plan in motion for the biggest retail surge of the year.  Regardless, learning is always encouraged, so we wanted to give you a list of the top Ecommerce and Digital Marketing conferences that you can still attend in 2017.

October 2017 E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Conferences

Money 20/20
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 23 – 25, 2017

Digital Summit
Chicago, Illinois
October 24 – 25

PerformanceIN Live 2017
London, UK
October 24 – 25

Mobile Shopping Summit 2017
October 24 – 26
Indian Wells, Ca

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TBH App – Breakout App – Facebook Purchase Alert!  Giant Buys TBH App

TBH App – Breakout App – Facebook Purchase Alert! Giant Buys TBH App

What is the TBH Time App? The TBH App is an app specifically for teens (grades 9-12).  (TBH stands for To Be Honest)  It allows users to stay anonymous to help reduce the amount of bullying.  It is a poll app meant to give off positive vibes allowing you to boost each other while staying completely positive.  When students sign up, they connect with their school and give honest compliments to fellow students.  If a guy gives a compliment, the person who receives it has a blue gem added.  If a female gives a compliment, the person who receives it has a pink gem added.   Continue Reading

Mobile Reaching New Highs of Ad Spending

Mobile Reaching New Highs of Ad Spending

The IAB report is out.  In 2016 for the full year, the total digital ad spend was $72.5 billion.  Growth in digital ad spending is still strong with an increase over 21% from 2015 to 2016. Randall Rothenberg, the CEO of IAB said the following about mobile’s role in this growth and overall ad spend: “Mobile fueled the internet economy in 2016, with advertisers showing their confidence in digital to achieve their marketing goals. This increasing commitment is a reflection of brands’ ongoing marketing shift from ‘mobilefirst’ to ‘mobile-only’ in order to keep pace with today’s on-the-go consumers.” Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 11.15.11 PM We aren’t just talking about banner or text advertising.  In 2016, we saw the first time audio actually had its own category in digital ad spend.  Audio units saw over $1 billion. In 2016, mobile accounted for 50.52% of the $72.5 billion digital ad spend.  The compound annual growth rate of mobile was 87% in 2016 and heavily drove the digital ad spend. Fun fact: The compound annual growth rate for the past ten years at 16% and has outpaced the US dollar of 3% in the same period. Ready to jump into the digital advertising world, or perhaps you’re looking for help with seeing better results for your digital ads?  We can help.  Send us an email: Kristen@feelingthevibe.com.

Google AdWords – Important Tip for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday + Podcast

Google AdWords just rolled out yet another feature, and right in time for the two  busiest days of the holiday season for businesses.  The holiday season is just about here, find out what you NEED in your ads to stand out this holiday season.  Since they’re so new, most likely, your competitors won’t know about them just yet.  Jump on board quick.  Check out the podcast below:


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Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #24 – Want Success on Instagram?  You Better Be Using these Hashtags

Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #24 – Want Success on Instagram? You Better Be Using these Hashtags


Instagram can seem like somewhat of a mystery to many if you don’t have the secret tricks to help you crack that mystery code.  It is important for you to utilize these hashtags below to increase followers and increase likes Instagram.  Let’s get started!

Instagram hashtags-2



1.  #S4S – “Shoutout for Shoutout”

Definition:  I will tell my IG followers to follow you in exchange for you telling yours to follow me.


2.  #L4L – “Like for Like”

Definition: I will like your photo if you like mine.


3.  #FBF – “Flashback Friday”

Definition: Post an old photo on Fridays.


4.  #IGers – “Instagrammers”

Definition: Speaking to people using Instagram.


5.  #POTD – Photo of the Day

Definition: Posts of photos you think are the best.


6.  #Regram

Definition: This is telling people to repost the photos on Instagram.


Want extra help with Instagram?  Contact us today to get started!


Daily Digital Marketing – Tip #23 – Best Time of Day to Tweet

Tweeting, posting, updating statuses.  There is so much to do when it comes to promoting your business online.  How about some rules and information to help you know when is the best time of day and week for clicks, retweets, favorites, and overall engagements.


Recently, Bufferapp.com examined over 4 million tweets to see which had the best engagement when.  So let’s take a look at the results:


  • Best time for Clicks: Early morning hours between 2 am – 3 am.
  • Time with the Fewest Clicks: 9 am – 1 pm local time
  • Best time for favorites and retweets: Evenings and late at night (9 pm local time is the best hour on average)

Let’s get more specific:


  • Most Popular Time of the Day to tweet: Between noon – 1 pm local time
  • Fewest tweets posted: Between 3 am and 4 am local time


Looking at the statistic above for the “most popular time of the day to tweet,” please keep in mind, this should actually be used carefully as your tweets may get lost in the shuffle with so much tweeting activity going on.  Therefore, it would be better to tweet during non-peak times if you want to be seen.


Thinking of Everyone on 9/11


We are going to take a break from our daily digital tips in remembrance and prayer for everyone who was affected by 9/11.  God bless everyone!
“Hope in the LORD! Be strong! Let your heart take courage! Hope in the LORD!” (Psalm 27:14)

Subdirectory vs. Subdomain – What’s the difference?

There are a lot of terms to know in the digital marketing field.  Here are two of them, subdirectory and subdomain.  What is the difference between “subdirectory” vs. “subdomain” ?  When it comes to search engines, the difference is a big one.


A subdirectory is a folder within the main website files.  It would look something like this in a website address:




A subdomain is an addition to a website but search engines see it as a completely new website even though the main company name URL is still in it.  Here is an example of a subdomain:




If you want to know which one is better for SEO, take a look at our Digital Daily tip #1!


The New Google Scam

As a business owner you want as much exposure in the right spots online as possible. Local businesses are happy to see that the worldwide search engine is working harder to help them have some more exposure in the local market. That’s great, when done right. However, there is a new scam out there and we want you to be aware of it.


There are people out there claiming to be from “411″ or some other type of directory service who will take your business and get it on the front page for any town of your choice on Google.com. For example, let’s say you have a salon in Stamford, Connecticut and you want it to be on the front page of Google’s search results for “Greenwich, Connecticut.” While this can be done, legitimately, it can also be done illegally.


These 411 scam artists will take your business, create a fake address in Greenwich, Connecticut and put you in the system. Now your business will come up with a Greenwich address. That’s not so bad, right?? WRONG. It is against Google’s specific Terms of Service to falsify an address. If you do this, Google will delete your company from their search results.


Not only do these scam artists hurt your business majorly by taking you off the #1 search engine people use, but they have also been known to collect your credit card number from you and continually charge your card even after you request they stop. BEWARE! This can really damage your business online.

If you have any questions, or are wondering if you might be dealing with something like this, contact us and we’ll try to steer you in the right direction.