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With 3.5 billion searches per day on Google (internetlivestats.com), knowing what the general public searches for can give us an insight into their interests, needs, and wants. As a quick overview of some of the more popular searches were the discovery of the secrets of slime, how to locate solar eclipse glasses, how to help hurricane victims and how to support the city of Las Vegas.

Without waiting any longer, we have a more specific list of the “how to’s” and “what is” searches of 2017.

How to..
How to make slime
How to make solar eclipse glasses
How to watch Mayweather vs. McGregor
How to buy Bitcoin

What is..
What is DACA?
What is covfefe?
What is Paris Climate Agreement?
What is net neutrality?

It has become apparent, the searches are not general nor simple, people are expecting answers to their very specific how to questions like “how to make fluffy slime,” “how to make butter slime,” and “how to make slime without Borax.”

What types of places are people searching for in the major cities of the United States?

Take a look at the list below:
San Francisco, Ca – Post office near me
Los Angeles, Ca – Dispensary near me
Houston, Tx – Tattoo shop near me
Chicago – Fireworks near me tonight
New York, NY – Solar eclipse glasses near me
Philadelphia, Pa – Laundromat near me
Washington DC – Chinese restaurants near me
Atlanta, Ga – Italian restaurants near me

Bonus tip – People have become so used to utilizing their GPS in their mobile devices that many are dropping the phrase “near me” but still expecting local results.

With the large number of destructive hurricanes and other problems, people wanted to go beyond typical news coverage. The searches all surrounded “How to help Puerto Rico,” “How to help Houston,” and “How to help Hurricane Harvey” amongst a number of others.

Search Trends for 2018

Seeing that people are becoming more accustomed to specific types of searches with relevant answers, this will only expand in 2018. People are asking detailed questions and want more personally relevant answers, quickly. Plan to use this in your marketing for 2018.

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