Daily Digital Marketing #26 – Huge Secret Opportunity for Paid Search Advertising

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It’s pretty much been a secret for a while now. Google is front and center when people think of paid search ads. They point right to the biggest search engine in the world. Google makes no secret of it, that they dominate in the search world and are busy expanding in numerous other areas. However, this is another player, a player which until now has been the underdog.

A new kid on the block has been named a vital channel for paid search. Seeing 896 million monthly searches lead this search engine to a huge 43% growth from 2016 to 2017.

Bing-MediaVision Study - Bing Paid Search Cost

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and apparently has been building in popularity. Once taking only a small slice of the pie, now is a viable advertising option.

It gets better. According to a MediaVision study, Bing Ads, when compared to Google AdWords see the following:

  • 29% lower costs per lead
  • 30% higher ROI
  • 97% increase in revenue

The numbers are outstanding. Bing Ads could very well be a more cost-effective and scalable option over AdWords.

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