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Popular Instagram hashtags

A study was just put out on the best hashtags in 2015 to include on your Instagram photos for the best exposure AND engagement.  If you’re on Instagram and think it could really help your business or you simply want more followers, more engagement and a better community you should take a look at this very special list.  It’s not easy to find but has some amazing information.

Here are some hashtags you should include and they’re hashtags which actually are pretty generic and can somehow be used with your photos as well:

#fbf – (Followback Friday) Use this for letting people know you will follow them back if they follow you.  The stats?  315K comments and over 24 million likes.


#love – We all have something we could use this hashtag for, even if it’s a photo of your favorite ice cream! 450K comments and 31 million likes


#Repost – Use this if you want people to repost your photo.  (Pretty straightforward).  The stats – over 900K comments and 40 million likes!


#TBT – (Throwback Thursday)  Do you have a photo from the past?  Even from one year ago or last summer.  If you use this hashtag on your photos in Instagram, it has been shown to receive 667,209 comments and over 47 million likes!

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