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3 Ways You can Increase Your Adwords Quality Score Right Here

If you are running paid search ads for your business, you have undoubtedly come across something called a “quality score.”  If you haven’t, go into your account and check it out.  Quality score is very very important to Google and should be important to you too.  After all, if you create the ads in the right way, the quality score for your ads will be higher, which will allow you to pay less for clicks (cpc) than your competitors with lower quality scores.  So how is that done?


There are a few ways to affect quality score that relate to your website.  If you need help with build ads which will be given great quality scores, contact us and we’ll get you started.  That isn’t what this post is about.  In this case, let’s get into the 3 Ways Adwords Quality Score can be changed.

1.  Privacy Policy – You may not realize it, but Google puts a lot of clout into how your website is setup, especially for the links your ads go to.  The Privacy Policy is an important part of any website which may in any way shape or form, collect visitor information.  If you have an e-commerce website you most definitely need a privacy policy.  You can get a free privacy policy here and tweak it a bit for your website if you don’t have one already.  Final point, if your website doesn’t have a privacy policy, Google flags it and it will show in your lowered quality score.  An EASY FIX!


2.  Contact Page – If you have a website, you need a contact page.  Make sure it shows a phone number as well so Google doesn’t flag you in any way, and your quality score will be happy.


3.  Keywords in the URL – This one isn’t on your website, but is one that many may miss.  You need to make sure the keyword you are building your ads around, that main keyword, is in the URL.  You will see great changes in your quality score.


There you have it!  3 Easy Ways to Have a Increase Your Adwords Quality Score.

I’m a digital marketing expert from New York with experience working with large Fortune 500 companies from entertainment to consumer electronics to increase their exposure online and increase their bottom line. With a love for everything digital, I always immerse myself in everything digital from all areas of the industry and am Google Certified.  I love to help others by sharing my experiences in digital marketing along with new trends in the industry.  Contact Kristen by emailing Kristen@feelingthevibemedia.com

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