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Did you know images are a very large part of Google’s search results?  If you have a website, you know images are an important component of that site.  People love visuals.  Images can be really helpful in giving your website even more exposure on search engines.  Whether you sell products, offer a service, write informative articles in a blog, etc, you can use this tip.


When you add an image to a site in a WordPress blog you will see a spot called “Alternative Text.”  Google can’t read images, the Alt tag was created so Google bots could read the text behind the image to know what it is.  Fill in the space next to the alternative text feed.


Don’t have an “Alternative Text” field when adding an image on your site?  We have a way to workaround that.  It’s a little tougher since it’s code but here you go:


Find this in the html code:


<img src=”URL OF IMAGE” alt=””>


There it is, the “alt” is your alternative text.  Put in KEYWORDS which fit the image and also help your business.

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