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Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteLinkedin is consistently growing and a must have for all career driven professionals.  As the site has grown, the ability to customize has also expanded.  If you haven’t noticed, go into your own profile and you will see a spot at the top to add a top header photo.  You may not think of Linkedin as a place to be “artistic” or colorful even.  This is your time to set your profile apart from the many others on the site.

Linkedin gives you some possible headers to choose from or to upload your own.  When you’re designing the header banner, make sure it is a jpeg, png, or gif that is less than 4 MB in size.  The dimensions are 1400 X 425.  One important part is the top part of your profile with your profile image is sitting over this header.  When you’re designing the header, leave space in the middle-bottom part as it will be covered by the profile.

This is the time for you to have a strong personal brand.  This represents you.  It can give you the exposure to help make a great first impression.


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