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instagramInstagram is the social app your kids, their friends, and even adults just love.  That user base and community is growing at lightning speed, just recently hitting 400 million users.  400 million people in just 5 short years with 80 million pictures shared EACH DAY!  Here’s a little known fact though, 75% of the Instagram user base is from outside of the US.



Let’s Reach All these People!


Instagram Ads are in effect in many countries around the world, yet it hasn’t been opened up to the US yet.  That is about to change.  On Tuesday, September 30th, Instagram ads will be open worldwide and this is a HUGE announcement for US businesses.


With Instagram ads you will be able to:

1.  Take advantage of the Facebook Power Editor platform to create ads for Instagram.

2.  Utilize Instagram’s enhanced ad formats, targeting, and buying options to drive the results you want.

3.  See numerous case studies from other Instagram advertisers to leverage for your own business’s use.


Here’s a quick look at the ad objectives you can fulfill with Instagram Ads:

1.  Clicks to Website


2.  Mobile App Installs


3.  Video Views


4.  Mass Awareness


Get ready, September 30th is almost here and Instagram Ads will be in full swing in the United States!  Don’t miss it!




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