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Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteOne of the best ways, yes, this still applies to 2015, to communicate with customers is through email.  People subscribe to your list because they’re interested in the information, service, or product you have to offer.  They subscribe because they want to hear from you.


The subject line can be one of the top most important components of email marketing.  It is the doorway to having your email opened.  Here are a list of words to AVOID in your subject lines so they don’t get marked as SPAM.




% Off






Internet slang – bae, fleek, ftw



Exclamation points (symbols)


Want to know how to combat these words, and what to use in their place?  Watch for the next Email Marketing tip.



I’m a digital marketing expert from New York with experience working with large Fortune 500 companies from entertainment to consumer electronics to increase their exposure online and increase their bottom line. With a love for everything digital, I always immerse myself in everything digital from all areas of the industry and am Google Certified.  I love to help others by sharing my experiences in digital marketing along with new trends in the industry.  Contact Kristen by emailing

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