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Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteIf you have a website or ecommerce store, you absolutely need Google Analytics tracking on that website.  Once you have that all setup, you will be able to go to to be able to see the traffic to your site.  Once you’re in there, you will notice there are many sections and you will be able to see your site’s traffic over specific time periods starting from the date you put the code on your website for Google Analytics.


It is really helpful to understand some key terms.  You will find them under “Acquisition” on the left hand side.  Look at the terms below to find out what they mean and what that information can do for you.



1.  Referral – This is traffic from other websites which link in to yours.  If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, put your link on those pages.  People who visit you on social media will be able to find your site nice and easily.  When they do, those counts will appear in the “Referral” traffic section of GA.



2.  Direct – This is traffic coming from visitors who actually know your website address or happen to see it in an ad somewhere.  The difference here is, they don’t click a link, instead they open a new browser window and type in the website address.  This traffic will tell you who either has your website memorized or bookmarked.



3.  Search – This is a HUGE one!  It will tell you which traffic is coming in to your website through the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  This is very important because most people go to the search engines to find goods, services, and information.  As long as you are optimizing your website properly, you will show up in the search results for the keywords which pertain to your business.


Not sure where to start with your website when it comes to being found on the search engines?

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