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Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteAs you have probably heard, video is quickly becoming a large part of digital marketing and the overall online experience.  Facebook also gives us the ability to display our videos.  However, if you want real results with those videos you really need to adhere to a few easy rules.

1.  Don’t use Youtube links – As much as you think it will help increase your Youtube video views, it just doesn’t translate well on Facebook for some reason, and most times people will just skip by watching the youtube video on Facebook.

2.  Originality – Do upload your original video file to Facebook

3.  Keep it Short! – Facebook like much social media is seeing a major trend in greater popularity in bite size information.  Cut your videos down to 1 – 2 minutes max for Facebook.

Bonus Tip:  Think it’s too hard to condense your content down to 1 – 2 minutes, why don’t you create a “teaser video” that you can use to demonstrate 1 – 2 of your main thoughts and then tell people if they would like more they can see the full video out a particular link.  Or they could see the video by signing up for great free content.


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