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Blogging is an excellent way to build your company’s brand and spread the word about your products/services.  By writing blog posts you are able to further set into motion your status as an expert in your field.  Your blog can incorporate your product into it, talk about current events as they may relate to your business, portray what you learned at an industry show, or even ask commonly asked questions.  Whatever it may be, it is imperative to have a blog which stays updated and takes your readers/clients into account when content is formed.

A study by Factbrowser says:

“More than 60% of U.S. online consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of reading a blogger’s recommendation.”

Here are 3 Ways to Create Content in a Blog for Your Products:

1.  Talk about how a product solves a common problem – Illustrate what your product does, maybe even include a video (video is an incredible addition to blogs) that demonstrates the product or even just shows it in use.

2.  Answer a frequently asked question – As a company that deals with customers, you are bound to receive questions in person or online.  Oftentimes there are questions that are asked more frequently.  These are an excellent way to build content for your blog.  It also will help when people have these questions, they can run a search on Google or on your site and find their answer quickly.

3.  Gather testimonials and reviews on your products – These testimonials can directly come from customers you email and ask for ratings/reviews.  They could also come from social media conversations.  Testimonials are almost always a good choice to portray, especially if they appear on other review sites.

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