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We’ve heard the numbers for shopping cart abandonment and they’re not pretty.  The average abandonment is 74%.  That’s right, 74% of the time shoppers abandon their shopping carts after adding items in them.  Why?  There are a ton of reasons.  Sometimes it’s merely being distracted, other times people are just “shopping around” and other times they don’t feel safe with the website.  Below you will find three strong tips to help put you on the right track to reducing your shopping cart abandonment rate for your e-commerce shop.  Start putting more money in your pockets rather than leaving them in the cart!


1.  Trust Trust Trust.  

You’ve probably seen the trust badges before.  They look like this below.  They are often a sign that the site in which you are shopping on, takes your privacy and information security seriously.  If these badges are not present, there tends to be a bit of concern about giving the company your private information.  You’re not alone!  61% of people won’t complete a purchase online if the trust badges aren’t present according to Shopify.



Think about working with the following, so you can have the trust badges on your site:


Norton Secured

McAfee Secure


2.  Multiple Payment Options

When people are in the process of checking out on your site, it is important for the process to be seamless.  In addition, you want their “payment option” or “payment type” to be listed.  If someone is sitting at the computer, ready to pay, but they don’t have their debit card or credit card with them, there are other options.  They can check out with Amazon payments which lets the customer sign in via Amazon where they may have their billing information saved already, or they can use Google Wallet which would follow a similar track.  The easier the better, so think of adding those options in addition to the typical MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

3.  One-Page Checkout

One of the continuously seen popular topics when it comes to a better experience for shoppers online, is the ease in which the checkout part is performed.  There are options now which allow you to offer a one page checkout.  You can add your important information, shipping, billing, email all on one page without having to wait for more pages to load and losing your nerve by canceling or abandoning the order.  Instead, it’s easy to follow along and get done.



Another variation on this one is the progress bar in e-commerce.  This way you will be certain of exactly how much more you have until you reach order confirmation.




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