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Voice Technology is the Future

As mentioned in an earlier post, voice activations and voice technology are at the forefront of the tech industry. It is the chatter being heard everywhere as voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home and others become a part of everyday life. Instead of typing in “nearest pizza shop” you can simply say it to your phone or Siri.

The consumer experience is being changed by the power of your very own voice and the technology to recognize it.

Machine Learning and Google AdWords

AdWords Label 2018

It’s becoming the age of assistance, that is not just in everyday internet usage and smartphone use, it is also becoming a part of Google AdWords.

It’s called machine learning. We no longer need to put in hours and hours of code. Now machines are being taught to recognize patterns, recognize from what they are taught.

Google is in on the voice game and they are also in on the machine learning game.

They are jumping in to utilize this new learning in their AdWords platform. As managers of AdWords campaigns we typically put in much time manually adjusting bids and ad placements but so much more. This can lead managers astray from working on strategy and instead spending time on these manual tasks.

Google AdWords Learns from Immense Data

Now Google’s machine learning is taking billions of data points from consumers. Points like:
Color preference
Tone preference
Purchase history

The information Google has gathered is second to none. They match search queries against historical ad performance combined with machine learning to determine if an ad will perform well or not.

While this is an incredible move forward for AdWords, it is a work in progress. The new machine learning means AdWords managers are now able to utilize an already powerful platform and make it that much more meaningful as a frontrunner in results driven digital marketing for a company.

Shift from Manual to Strategic with Google AdWords Machine Learning

Managing a campaign is shifting from heavily time consuming tasks such as manually adding thousands of keywords to testing headlines one by one.

Now they’ve added a much better option with Dynamic Search Ads. These types of ads use machine learning to determine which headlines an ad should carry based on elements a manager defines in the account combined with the behaviors of the person searching.

The display campaigns will not be left out as Smart Display Campaigns are now available. Machine learning allows your display network to work at a higher quality level by automatically showing relevant ad creative to the right people.

With the smarter way of running Google AdWords campaigns with the assistance of machine learning, companies are seeing enhanced results which lead marketers to be 50% more likely to increase their investment in the platform.

Machine Learning and Smart Bidding

Another area in which AdWords is seeing the benefit of machine learning is in “Smart Bidding.” Up until recently, managers needed to set bids manually depending on the power of the keyword.
Now we are seeing something new with bids. Smart bidding offers the following:

Auction-Time Bidding: AdWords Smart Bidding looks at contextual signals such as:
Time of day
Specific ad creative
Device type

It is able to identify the conversion opportunity and then will be able to set millions of bids per second.

Cross-Signal Analysis -AdWords may show conversion rates from ads shown on mobile devices are higher than desktop. That bid can be set to favor mobile. However, smart bidding allows that bid to go deeper and look at times of day when mobile conversions are actually higher.

It’s important to see if Google’s machine learning truly works for your company. Setting up a campaign test between manual strategy vs the automatic strategy from Google is a great way to see which works best.

Google AdWords is jumping on the machine learning train. It is the logical next step for AdWords which collects billions of pieces of data. The learning from such data allows the system to suggest account optimizations and utilize the information to create higher performing ad campaigns which in turn lead to a better ROI for all of their customers.

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