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There has been a lot of debate around the number of blog posts to create each month.  Some say once per week, others say once per day, and even others say multiple times per day.  So which one is the right one?  First an important statistic:

60% of people made a purchase based on a review from a blog post. (Factbrowser)

Think about that, 60% of people, actually more than 60% of online consumers will actually make a direct purchase due to a blogger’s recommendation.  People are truly seeking out reviews from others and will look at blog posts to make that decision.  That makes your blog all the more important. As a company, you should definitely put out blog posts on your products but should also reach out to reviewers in your industry and request a review post from them.  With over 60% of consumers making a purchase directly due to a reviewer’s blog means this is a must for your marketing program.

Here’s another important statistic:

B2B marketers who blog see 67% more leads over those companies which don’t blog. (Insideview)

67% more leads, that fact right there makes all the sense as to why your company needs to have a blog.  Whether you’re B2C or B2B , your company needs to have a blog.  If for nothing else, give your company the search exposure and you own the official blog for your company name rather than someone else.

That leads us to the most recent study.  It was found that those companies/individuals who created blog posts 11+ times per month saw 4.5X more leads than those who posted once per week or 4 times or less per month.

You know the blog is a must, there isn’t a question as to whether or not you should have one, but how to get it started.  You also know just how many times to post per month.  Not sure where to start?  Why don’t you get started with my free video on how to start from scratch and build your very own professional blog.

Why listen to me?  I run 3 different blogs which have seen over millions of visitors and started creating blogs before they were “mainstream.”  As a initiator in the space, you’re in safe hands.  PLUS, you have nothing to lose, it’s a free course.  Why not try it?



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