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No long introduction, let’s get straight to the networking tips plus a bonus tip.

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Take Photos – It’s a selfie society.  The world is all about social media.  Benefit from it, grab the opportunity by taking photos with others at the event.  More on this in a moment.

Connect (Socially) – Find out your fellow networkers’ social profiles, tag them in the photos that you upload to social media right away.

Go Live – If you’re on social media, you’ve seen that video is majorly important.  Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have their versions of “Live Video.”  Choose one (or all three) and go live even for one minute, to your followers on your business pages.  Share it with your audience.

Have This in Your Pocket. Business cards are still important in Networking events, so have them with you so you can easily exchange information.

Bonus Tip – Include your social media profiles on your business cards (as long as they are related to your business).  Profiles to include: Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Don’t Start Talking Right Away!  Survey the room – Contrary to what many may say (ie: immediately approach people with confidence), we say, from experience, observe first.  It’s important to put yourself in the right mindset, calm yourself, remember what you offer and approach others in the right way.

Use Your Best Asset. Smile – When surveyed, people have said a smile is the most attractive feature we have.  Use it and see it work its magic.

It’s Not Hard.  This is one of the MOST missed tips, follow up.  You meet a number of people, have great conversations, and then don’t connect beyond that networking event.  Send the people you met a follow up email mentioning it was nice to meet them, connect with them on Linkedin.  You will stand out.

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