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instagramAs mentioned previously, Instagram is opening its ad platform to the US.  This is MAJOR news.  Instagram already opened their advertising platform internationally and businesses along with individuals have been enjoying the HUGE benefits!




First some Instagram stats:


Did you know Instagram currently (according to the State of Social Media) has 300,000,000 monthly active users?  Those users post up 70 million photos per day with 2.5 BILLION likes on photos everyday.  Instagram started in 2010 and Instagram Ads are not even 3 years old yet.

Why Instagram Ads?


When compared to other top social media, Instagram had 4600+% higher engagement and 3700+% higher profile interactions.

Case Study:


Michael Kors was one of the first brands to advertise on Instagram.  It was found they had 4X more likes than on non-promoted posts.

Instagram Ads – Definitely something to try out with a test budget.


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