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Instagram announced two new features to their Insta Stories section.  After Instagram decided to jump on the “stories” game (primarily announced by Snapchat), they have been continuously optimizing and adding to the very popular feature.

While some may argue they aren’t updating enough, they brought two new features in the past two days.

The first addition they added was a library of new animations.

Instagram Insta Stories New Animations 2018

The gifs which come in the form of moving lips, sunglasses, and more can be found when you click the “GIF” choice in the menu of emojis, you will gain access to these new animations.

See below for how to get to the full list of animations to jazz up your photos.

Go to the Instagram App

Go to add an Insta Story

Choose an image

Choose the emoji icon at the top

Choose “GIF”

You will see all the animations available


The next feature update was a more usable one for us.  When you choose to update your Insta Story, you will now see a new option at the bottom of your screen for “Text.”

Type Instastory on Instagram 2018

Instagram is getting fancy and instead of being forced to be stuck with the same boring font with the ability to adjust size, we are introduced to some new fonts and backgrounds.

It looks like they are offering about 4 – 5 new fonts and some gradient type font and background color combinations which you can run through to choose the ones that fit what you’re looking for.

Take a look below to see the different text options from Instagram on Insta Stories.

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