Mobile Reaching New Highs of Ad Spending

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The IAB report is out.  In 2016 for the full year, the total digital ad spend was $72.5 billion.  Growth in digital ad spending is still strong with an increase over 21% from 2015 to 2016. Randall Rothenberg, the CEO of IAB said the following about mobile’s role in this growth and overall ad spend: “Mobile fueled the internet economy in 2016, with advertisers showing their confidence in digital to achieve their marketing goals. This increasing commitment is a reflection of brands’ ongoing marketing shift from ‘mobilefirst’ to ‘mobile-only’ in order to keep pace with today’s on-the-go consumers.” Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 11.15.11 PM We aren’t just talking about banner or text advertising.  In 2016, we saw the first time audio actually had its own category in digital ad spend.  Audio units saw over $1 billion. In 2016, mobile accounted for 50.52% of the $72.5 billion digital ad spend.  The compound annual growth rate of mobile was 87% in 2016 and heavily drove the digital ad spend. Fun fact: The compound annual growth rate for the past ten years at 16% and has outpaced the US dollar of 3% in the same period. Ready to jump into the digital advertising world, or perhaps you’re looking for help with seeing better results for your digital ads?  We can help.  Send us an email: