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periscope-logoPeriscope is one popular app and as recently mentioned has hit 15 million viewers!  It is taking digital video to a brand new level.  If you are already using Periscope or thinking of trying it out, make sure to get my free starter guide for Periscope


As this new app continues to build popularity more and more updates will be come available.  A new one which hit iOS users first was the ability to watch in landscape view with the comments sitting in the right spot.  Up until a few days ago, if you were watching someone broadcasting in landscape you would see comments in portrait  and the video in landscape.  (The comments would be over the broadcaster’s face) That has all been fixed.


If you’re an android phone (non-Apple) you will want to go to the Google Play Store, search Periscope and click “update.”


Now you will be able to watch the broadcaster in landscape mode and see the comments in the correct orientation as well!  If you still would prefer portrait (easier to type comments), then you can do this too!  You can turn it back to portrait mode and the video will show at the the top of your screen with the comments underneath.  Try it out!


Remember, if you want to grab the Free Beginner’s Guide to Periscope, sign up here and it will be emailed to you!

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