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                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:
In Today’s podcast we talk about how to use digital to drive tons more foot traffic to your business. Don’t miss this. This is the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #1 Search Engine Land recently said that local searches are growing much faster than mobile searches overall, actually 50% faster.

This is huge, we all know we’re on our smartphones most of the day. Need directions? Grab GPS on your phone or the Waze app. Looking for a restaurant, there’s the smartphone again, want to share a photo of a place you’re at? Smartphone. Everything points back to the smartphone. So how can you use this HUGE phenomenon to your advantage as a local business?

1st – Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  You don’t want to hear that someone went on your site only to bounce off and go to a competitor because it wasn’t mobile friendly. So #1, make that website mobile friendly.

2nd – Here’s the real insider tip.  Pay attention to Google Maps.  Google is putting a lot of time into their maps and it is a big part of Google’s business. They have rolled out map ads. Let’s take a step back. The most recent numbers from Google report a whopping 1 billion users using the Google maps app. Think of the exposure when your map ad for your business shows at the top above all the other results. You’re welcome, now go try out local map ads from Google.


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