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                                                                                        See the transcript of the podcast below:

Email! People are more attached to their email now than ever. With the smartphone, alerts come in quickly. With the average millennial checking their phone 150 times per day, your email will be seen. But, is it being read? Is it relatable and relevant?

This is the Feeling the Vibe Media Podcast #2!

A new study from Engage Hub has revealed 90% of consumers unsubscribed from retailer email lists within the past year.

While some say this is due to frequency where 24% faulted too much frequency in offers and updates – we need to look deeper here. Is it really about frequency, or is it about the message itself? If you received a very relevant message, something that you could relate to, that you needed, that helped you, the frequency wouldn’t be a problem. Here’s something to back that up. The people complaining about the emails? 24% of them, the same that were unhappy with frequency, say the messages are irrelevant. They said it was Highly irrelevant to them.

So let’s find a fix! I have a tip for you on how to handle this.

If you’re collecting email addresses on your website, congratulations, you are ahead of many. However, it is how you collect the email that holds the secret sauce. In a world of everything being instantaneous – people expect those instant messages that are relevant. People are able to like and follow that which is relevant or interesting to them. If they chose to sign up for your email list, that is great – but you need to know more about them than simply their name and email.

If you’re in retail – you need to setup silos, separate lists – for a clothing retailer it could be as simple as separating groups into those interested in men’s clothing, women, juniors, kids, etc. If you have a consumer electronics store – again, group people into those interested in gaming vs big screen tvs, vs those who want to buy the newest item first. Allow people to sign up for more than one list as well.

In addition, be careful of your messaging. Don’t only make it company news, offers and sales. Your competitors are engaging with their customers via social media and email, stay in touch, show a personality for your business, offer something funny, something helpful, something to just show how important your email list is to your business, a thank you note of sorts. It will make a different, show it.


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