Podcast #6: Brad Lea Podcast Interview: Must Hear Business Tips from Mega-Entrepreneur

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Brad Lea of Lightspeed VT 2017 interview

Have you ever had the chance to hear business tips from a highly successful entrepreneur?  Tips that are raw and unfiltered, because it’s that which wins over the pretty, “wrapped-in-a-box-with-a-bow” version.  We have that for you and so much more. Meet Brad Lea, the owner and CEO of Lightspeed VT, a virtual training platform with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Brad took the time to talk with us amongst filming his video series and handling the every growing Lightspeed VT portfolio of clients.  This includes ABC’s Shark Tank investor Daymond John, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Sales and Real Estate Leader Grant Cardone, Motivational Mogul Anthony Robbins, and the list goes on.

Find out how he took very humble beginnings and instead of seeing them as detriments took them as a challenge to continue reaching higher.  Hear his powerful yet simple way to look at goals that can actually create achievements over dreams and learn how he handles roadblocks.  This and so much more in a jam packed podcast you don’t want to miss.


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In this episode we cover: 

  • How Humble Beginnings Can Lead to Overwhelming Success
  • The 90 Day Goal
  • Yes or No to College
  • The One Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make in Choosing a Mentor
  • How to Handle Roadblocks
  • Two Types of Businesses that Will Thrive


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Facebook: /therealbradlea

Twitter: @therealbradlea

Instagram: @therealbradlea

Web: www.lightspeedvt.com

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