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Snapchat, the unofficial “selfie app” that has taken the millennial world (and over!) by storm keeps the ball rolling with constant updates and new features. The newest one? The “World Lens.” It allows people to add flowers, rainbows and so much more to what they see with the “rear facing” camera. Take a look below at the video to find out more about the Snapchat World Lens and check out our three tips for using the new Snapchat lens for your business:

Ways to Use the Snapchat World Lens for Business

Product Demo

Have a new product? Use Snapchat to start putting it out into the digital world. Why not put a rainbow above the new product or some glitter to give it more pizzazz? Have some fun, Snapchat is meant to be tested, it’s new to everyone. The more you use it the quicker you will see your product gain traction amongst the competitors who don’t use this tool. (which happens to have a huge audience)

Behind the Scenes

Is your company participating in an industry-only event or a closed-to-the-public event? Use this time to take some video and share on snapchat. Need to liven up the behind the scenes look at your event? Add the World lens and see it come to life.

Give Your Business a Personality

Apps like Snapchat are here to stay. The names may change but the important lesson here is that consumers of today expect your business to have a social aspect to it. If it doesn’t you might be skipped. So enjoy the fun of Snapchat’s World Lens. Post photos of products, inside your store or restaurant and add the fun filters to the photos/videos. The more creative you are, the better chance you will have for a photo or video to start gaining traction on one of the world’s most popular apps.

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