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Fans, Facebook, Pages, What??!

So you’ve heard you need to be on social media, perhaps even had some marketing professionals suggest it for your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start or why you need it.  Well for why, see our “Top 5 Reasons to Have Facebook” article.  Let’s break down all these terms on Facebook:

First off, facebook is a “social networking” website.  It’s a place where people go to connect with old friends, new friends, and relatives.  A lot of the time it allows for people to instantly connect and keep up with each other. 

So where does a business have a spot in this world?  It has a very big spot!  Business owners are realizing the power they can have just by creating a Facebook fan page.  You have a great ability now to connect with potential customers than every before. 

What is a fan?

A “fan” on facebook is a person who “likes” your business, this could be a current customer, someone who is interested in your products or services, or someone who was referred over by one of your customers.  (It’s easy for someone to become a fan, they just have to click “like” on your facebook page!)

I have a profile, is a business page the same?

It’s a little different.  You can’t send “friend requests” as you might do with your own profile.  (this is where the most challenging aspect of having a Facebook page for a business may be).  Challenge, yes, but not impossible, not at all.  Also, you can’t post on your “fans’ ” profiles, they can post on yours though, and you can respond to them on your page. 

This is a good start.  Interested in finding a way to get a piece of the 500,000,000 people pie that’s called Facebook for your business?  No worries, we can help you even more because Feeling the Vibe Design will be hosting some very special classes and we promise you will have a facebook profile at the end of the class for your business.