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Top 3 Components for On-Page SEO Success

You hear SEO wherever you go.  Search engine optimization is important, the competition is growing everyday and everyone is fighting to stay on the top of the search engines for their categories.  We work with a number of organizations to help them with both their on-page SEO as well as in code SEO.  Here are our top 3 priorities for On-Page SEO.

1.  Page Titles –  Search Engine Spiders look at your titles.  If all of your website pages start with your company name, this will hurt you.  It is best to have your company name at the end of the title if it must be there.  The crawlers see the first few words as most prominent in a title.  Make the title specific to the page and make sure the keyword you want to be found for is in the title of that page (as long as the content on the page is about that keyword).  Titles should be no more than 75 characters long.

2.  Header Tags – These are more commonly known as “<h1> and <h2>” tags.  These appear as the subheaders or subtitles on a page.  If the main title of a page is “How to Ace Algebra,” the subheader or subtitle in the <h1> or <h2> tags might be “Step by Step Method to Solve a Quadratic Equation.”  Again, use keywords in the subtitles, but don’t just simply repeat what is in the title.  Search engines prefer each section is unique.

3.  Alt Text – Now this may seem like it is in code, and it is, but it is also on the page.  Have you ever visited a website and instead of seeing an image, a box shows up with an “x” in the corner.  Most often in that empty box you will see some text describing the picture.  If the designer did it correctly, the text will appear in that box, if not, nothing may appear.  Search engine spiders crawl pictures too and are able to help you appear in the search listings for terms associated with the Alt Text of your images.

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