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Cyber Monday 2017 – Largest Online Sales Day in US

Cyber Monday 2017 – Largest Online Sales Day in US

Adobe Insights now has the full data on Cyber Monday 2017 and the revenue the day created. The sales tally came to a whopping $6.59 billion. It was the largest online sales day in history in the United States.

The increase seen for Cyber Monday from 2016 was at 16.8% more! Web traffic also increased by nearly 12% to retail sites.

As you may have guessed, Amazon was by far the biggest winner. When looking at the top 50 retailers, Amazon captured 55% of the transactions on Black Friday.

You must be questioning how many transactions Amazon put through on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. The number is 12.8 million!

The figures put out by Amazon far eclipsed the second and third top online sellers. Those retailers were Walmart and Best Buy. Walmart accounted for 13.9% and Best Buy accounted for 8.3% transactions on Thanksgiving Day. For Black Friday it was 8.8% and 5% respectively.

While Amazon by far had the highest amount of transactions, they were actually in fourth place in the conversion rate battle. The top three for conversion rate were Old Navy, Shutterfly, and LL Bean.

The high conversion rate for Old Navy was mostly due to the Black Friday pricing at 50% discounts.

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Get Sales Benefits from Your Blog Posts

Get Sales Benefits from Your Blog Posts

Blogging is an excellent way to build your company’s brand and spread the word about your products/services.  By writing blog posts you are able to further set into motion your status as an expert in your field.  Your blog can incorporate your product into it, talk about current events as they may relate to your business, portray what you learned at an industry show, or even ask commonly asked questions.   Continue Reading