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Do Videos Slow Down My Website?

A lot of you ask, “Will adding a video to my website slow it down?”
Load time for a website is an important component and quality for a successful one.  Large images hosted on your server which are placed on your website can drag down load times for a webpage.  The same holds true with video.  However, there is an easy fix.
In order to avoid lag times in load speeds, utilize a third party site to host your videos.  This way your webhost space won’t be taken up by large video files.  Go to a site like  They have robust platform in which to upload videos.  Learn how to upload a Youtube video here.  Once your video is on youtube, grab the embed code and place that snippet of code on your site (in the HTML of a blog post, or on the sidebar).  The video will then appear on your webpage but it will be hosted by Youtube.

Bonus: By opening a Youtube channel it will improve your SEO.

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