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What is the TBH Time App? The TBH App is an app specifically for teens (grades 9-12).  (TBH stands for To Be Honest)  It allows users to stay anonymous to help reduce the amount of bullying.  It is a poll app meant to give off positive vibes allowing you to boost each other while staying completely positive.  When students sign up, they connect with their school and give honest compliments to fellow students.  If a guy gives a compliment, the person who receives it has a blue gem added.  If a female gives a compliment, the person who receives it has a pink gem added.  

TBH App Purchased by Facebook in October 2017
Where Can Teens Get the TBH Time App?
Now that you have a background on this breakout app available on Android but not officially released on the Google Play Store.  TBH is available to download on Apple iOS devices.  Facebook, in an apparent move to grab the attention of teens, has acquired the newbie app or “under $100 million.”  They have seen their age skew older as new apps enter the market which are more appealing to the young audience.
Teens Use TBH as Social Media Currency
Want to get a little deeper into how teens are using TBH?  If you watch Instagram and Snapchat, the usage of TBH can be seen.  It has been seen as “currency” where people trade positive compliments from TBH for likes on Instagram.  They are also regularly sharing polling results of the TBH compliments on Snapchat and Instagram.

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