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Voice and technology are quickly becoming an inseparable pair as more and more people start to use this 21st century concept.  People now say they use voice 60% of the time they are performing online searches.  That is tremendous as the technology has been refined.

So now that many people have Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri at their fingertips and in their homes, it is time to see if Alexa can help us take part in an activity that seems to far surpass the traditional phone call.

Yes, now Alexa can help us to text, hands-free.

Send Text Messages by Amazon Echo

Alexa has already been able to make phone calls to landlines in the US for us, but now text messaging is added to her resume.

Now this may not be entirely new, as Alexa could send text messages, but only to users of Amazon’s Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Fire TV. The user’s friends had to be hosting the same devices.

That has changed. If the recipient of the text sent from someone using one of the above Echo devices doesn’t have a device, it will be forwarded to that person’s smartphone.
It is only available for Android phones right now without any notice of when it will be available to iOS products.

Here’s how you can make this work.
Open the Alexa app in your Android phone.
Select “Contacts” within the conversations tab
Go to “My Profile”
Click “Send SMS”

Google Home and Apple Homepod both can also send text messages.

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